How does it work?

Step 1:
a complicated purchase process
Step 2:
the return terms are not clear
Step 3:
information on delivery costs is hidden
Step 4:
lack of several delivery options
Step 5:
product descriptions are not detailed enough

Jak zmniejszyć liczbę porzucanych koszyków?

zastosuj e-mail remarketing

czyli usługę polegającą na wysłaniu spersonalizowanego e-maila do osób,
które odwiedziły stronę sklepu, ale nie sfinalizowały transakcji.

How does it work?

The user puts products from the store into the basket, but fails to complete the transaction and leaves the store
After several minutes he gets a personalized e-mail encouraging to come back to the store
of customers, who received the e-mail come back to the store to complete the shopping they started

Why is it worth it?

you get a virtual sale manager

WebContact plays a role of a manager of customer service, who help to finalize the shopping. The software captures the e-mail address left by the purchaser on the website while placing the order. When the user abandons the transaction, WebContact contacts him through a personalized e-mail message.

sale conversion increases

WebContact gets back the lost conversion thanks to personalized e-mails sent to persons, who were interested with your offer. You sell more without increasing costs of the customer service office.

you consolidate your brand

E-mail marketing consolidates the brand in consciousness of potential customers. The quicker you send the message with a personalized offer or a discount code, the more willing they are to come back to your store, and refrain from reaching your competition.

Response quickly and get customers

Average time between the first visit in the store and completion of the transaction is 19 hours.
If an e-mail is sent right after the basket is abandoned increases the chances for the customer’s return
and finalization of purchase before
they resign and move to competition.

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