Creating an account on various social networks usually takes a few minutes. We wrote about how to affiliate on Facebook here. Now it is time to say a few words about using Youtube and Instagram for this purpose.

Affiliation on Instagram

Instagram, unlike Facebook, has a very limited linking capability. Of course, that does not mean, it is impossible! Simply put, it is just not possible to put an active link under the photo, on which we can click, without having to copy it to the search engine.

afiliacja na instagramie i youtubie

As you can see in the above photo, we can not directly click on the affiliate link. A possibility to do so is provided in the profile description, a so-called BIO.

afiliacja na instagramie i youtubie

The affiliate link placed in the BIO will always be clickable. However, remember that putting a few links there will be rather aesthetic and the description of the profile is one of the first things that our potential observers see. That’s why it is worth updating it regularly, so that it always refers to the latest photo that we add.

For large profiles, over 10,000 followers, Instagram has made it possible to add links via InstaStories. All you have to do is move your finger up, and you will be immediately transferred to the landing page, which – in the case of affiliation – will be the advertiser’s site.

afiliacja na instagramie i youtubie

Affiliation on Instagram is preferred by the fashion bloggers, there they can place affiliate links on specific products. Often, they also achieve very good results in the number of followers, thanks to which they are able to use the InstaStories capabilities to promote.

Affiliation on Youtube

In this case, we have slightly more options than on Instagram; primarily, when it comes to linking. Under YouTube videos, we can add clickable affiliate links, which, for example, transfer a user to the products we are talking about. These can be cosmetics, books, games etc. Each viewer can easily go to the purchase page via a video link in the description.

Unlike on Instagram, here we do not need to limit ourselves, when it comes to the number of links in the description. The most important thing is that each product should be properly described. This is why it is better to write: here you can buy “The beginning” of Dan Brown: than: here’s the link to the book: It is worth remembering, especially when we add links to several things from the same category.

Of course, we do not have to immediately persuade someone to buy, sometimes it is enough to simply link a few articles without any call to action, and if someone likes the product, they can click and buy it without even knowing that it is an affiliate link. 馃檪

afiliacja na instagramie i youtubieThe description of a particular video is not the only place on Youtube, where we can use the affiliate link. We still have space on the beam in the background’s photo:

afiliacja na instagramie i youtubie

We can also add it to the description of our profile, but not in a clickable form, unfortunately.

afiliacja na instagramie i youtubie

Affiliation on Youtube is very simple, big Youtube players use it very often to recommend specific products in their videos. Remember that there are various ways to cleverly place affiliate links, in order not to directly communicate that it is an advertisement.

In conclusion

Social media is currently one of the most popular ways to start affiliate activities. Each portal, however, has its own rules, so before you start placing affiliate links, it’s worth watching how professional Youtubers or Instagrammers do. 馃檪

afiliacja na instagramie i youtubie

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