What affiliation really is? What is the essence of it? Here we clarify all your doubts!


Affiliation simply means establishing and then maintaining positive relationship between the entities concerned. In marketing, this term is associated with the activities of affiliate (partner) network that brings together publishers and advertisers.

Publishers join affiliate programs to promote advertisers’ products on their websites. The affiliate network stands guard over the orderliness and maintenance of good relations between those two entities. Anyone who runs an online activity, such as a blog (publisher) or a sports equipment store (advertiser), can apply to join the network.

From the network’s point of view, the most important task is to solve any potential problems the partners may have, so that both advertisers and publishers can effectively cooperate with each other. Equally significant is focusing on constantly expanding the group of network’s clients.

Affiliation is one of the simplest tools for monetizing your online activities. Advertisers receive a database of potential customers, and publishers earn money by recommending their products. Another advantage of the affiliation is also the flexibility of time we commit to it. Publishers themselves decide on the intensity of promotions on their websites, and advertisers can track and analyze sales results on an ongoing basis.

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Data publikacji: 20.04.2020