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The history of webePartners begins in 2007, two years before the webePartertners.co.uk affiliate platform was established, when Ewa Dudek – an interior designer by training and passion – started her home and flat decorating website in London. The main idea was:

“I do what I know, that is, I design, create and arrange interiors by selecting and recommending original products, and at the same time I make money by selling them, without incurring costs or investing in the store.” It was already possible then thanks to affiliate links.

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We enable advertisers to work with publishers

in the Cost Per Sale and Cost Per Lead affiliate models.



Affiliate platform for launching and operating affiliate programmes

Tools for advertisers to work with publishers

Tools for publishers to earn from referrals

Detailed statistics, payment and commission handling

We have been developing affiliate marketing in Poland for 15 years

We celebrated our 10th anniversary with publishers and advertisers.
WebePartners’ second decade has seen even faster growth, an increase in our reach and an impressive portfolio of advertisers who have put their trust in us.



  • 15.01.2010 first registered online publisher
  • 27.01.2010 first affiliate programme launched
  • 12.02.2010 first affiliate transaction at webPartners
  • 02.03.2010 first commission paid to a publisher registered with webePartners
  • 2011 80 publishers registered on the platform, webePartners advertisers' shop sales reach the first 1,000,000 PLN
  • 2015 4,000 publishers registered on the platform, webePartners advertisers' shop sales reach first 25,000,000 PLN
  • 2020 12,000 publishers registered on the platform, advertisers' shop sales reach PLN 180,000,000
  • 2023 18,000 publishers on board at webePartners, resulting in sales in advertisers' shops exceeding 500,000,000 PLN
  • and we are still growig strong

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