Discount codes – how to make money

What is there to know about the discount codes? Have a read and find out!

Discount codes in the affiliation

Each one of us has certainly met discount codes many times; which he then had to place in the right spot on the store’s website. In affiliation, they are made available to the publishers by the store through the partner network. This way, the network is sure that when a user buys a product and uses the code, the transaction will be counted in the system.

There are two types of codes:

Universal – transmitted to all publishers of a given program.

Exclusive – for one specific publisher. It usually has a higher value than the universal code.

How do the publishers use the discount codes ?

In this case, the largest beneficiaries are all websites that operate mainly through the codes. They place specific discounts on their websites, and their users can use them freely. Discount websites often organize promotional campaigns in order to obtain exclusive codes, where – apart from displaying codes on the website – they also offer a number of other activities. The hottest periods for this type of activity are permanent events throughout the year – Black Friday, Christmas, Santa Claus, as well as Back to school or even Halloween.

However, the codes are not used only by such websites; other publishers can post them on their blogs, Facebook fan pages or Instagram, combining the codes with the affiliate links. Discount codes are an excellent “lure” for readers or followers, because they allow them to buy cheaper the recommended products, while the publisher receives the commission from the affiliate network.

Types of discount codes

Discount codes can be found in several different types, depending on what they offer. Of course, publishers are most interested in those codes, which lower the value of the order, as they are the most advantageous for them.

Here are some of the most popular types:

Percentage code – a simple discount, e.g. 10% for a given product, category or even the whole range. Used most often.
Amount code – reduces the order amount by a specific monetary value, e.g. 20 PLN cheaper. In this case, the purchase threshold is often present, i.e. the code is valid only after exceeding the minimum order value. For example, if the code is worth 20 PLN, and the shopping threshold is 100 PLN, then we can use it only after exceeding this amount.
Free delivery – these are usually short-term codes, for a weekend or even just one day (the so-called Free Delivery Day). After entering the code, shipping costs are removed. It happens that the free shipping promotion does not even require entering the code, and the delivery price is zeroed on these days.
The discount code may cover a wide range of products. They are most often used in the case of a specific category or the entire range, more seldom with a single product. Information about the code should also contain an information on what days it is valid and whether it connects with other promotions.

Discount codes in webePartners

At webePartners, we provide codes to publishers on a regular basis, of course they are only received by the publisher of a program, which informed us about the discount. To check, which codes have been sent to us, simply log in to the publisher’s panel and in the Additional tab, click Discount codes.

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Of course, the available codes can be filtered based on the date or, for example, the program.

Another method is downloading them using the API, which allows you to automatically download data variables. It is useful not only in the case of the discount codes, but also for xml files or the promo of the day.

In conclusion

Discount codes are definitely one of the most important elements of the online marketing. They have moved the cut-out codes from the magazine into the world of Internet. The codes are an advantage for both publishers and their users. Especially in the time of seasonal celebration, it is worth using this tool to promote the advertiser’s products.