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Publishers can earn money
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No unnecessary formalities

As an affiliate publisher, you can start immediately after registration. You don’t need to sign any additional contracts to recommend the brands and products of your choice.

Independence of action

Operate independently, without top-down guidelines, limits or thresholds. You decide for yourself who you work with and what you recommend to your audience.

Attach the link and it’s ready

Get access to affiliate links and other free tools that count sales and calculate commissions.


Advertisers sell through
referrals from various publishers

Cooperation under the Cost Per Sale model

As an advertiser, you settle with the publishers for the results i.e. commission on the sales that occur through the publishers’ referrals.

Advertising on a variety of different sites simultaneously

Thanks to the cooperation of various publishers in our network, advertisements appear on many sites simultaneously and reach well-defined audiences.

Intuitive sales support tools

When promoting products, publishers use tools that effectively support sales and influence a positive brand image.


We have been developing affiliate cooperation
since 2009

We have launched and operated more than 3,000 affiliate programmes from all industries and categories
20 000
Our network consists of several thousand publishers and tens of thousands of online spaces
900 mln PLN
Advertisers' in-store sales grow in value every day thanks to publishers
15 mln PLN
Publishers have already paid out several million in commissions and, with the growth of e-commerce, this amount is constantly increasing.


Video guide to affiliate marketing

Affiliation or selling through referrals


Cooperation without costs or risk

Affiliate Marketplace

We skilfully connect publishers with advertisers to make cooperation profitable for each party

Discount codes and promotions

We provide a system for the daily distribution of discount codes and promotions to promote sales

Links, widgets and xml files

Our tools are intuitive, unobtrusive and effective in generating online sales

Statistics and reports

Statistics and reports are generated in real time and therefore enable rapid campaign optimisation

Feedback from brands that trust us:

The cooperation with webePartners has been extremely beneficial. The implementation process went smoothly and did not involve excessive time expenditure. The administration panel is highly intuitive, enabling easy management of the materials we make available to our publishers. The transaction settlement process is equally smooth. Staff are always available, providing expert advice but also proactively engaging with our account development. The actions taken by webePartners have contributed to the formation of a loyal publisher base and growing sales results. We are satisfied with the effective cooperation with this company.

Aleksandra Prokop

E-commerce marketing specialist

In cooperation with webePartners, we value, above all, the professionalism and support of partners. Thanks to our joint efforts, we are constantly developing our affiliate programmes, which translates into real results – increased sales in our e-commerce. In addition, the panel for advertisers is transparent and offers many useful tools, thanks to which we can continuously monitor the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns. Affiliate activities have an enormous impact and it is certainly worth finding a place for them in your online shop strategy.

Monika Grzebyk

Performance Marketing Specialist Monika Grzebyk

By working with Webepartners, we have very quickly acquired many affiliate publishers who are successfully reaching their audience with our products. We value the communication with Webepartners and their support in the steps to expand the affiliate network in our programme.

Joanna Marciszewska

Influencer Manager

Thanks to webePartners, we found new valuable partners willing to recommend our brand. When launching the affiliate program, it was also important for us to have a quick integration process with the system and efficient communication. The verification and billing process doesn’t take long either, and the flow of information hams which builds good relationships with publishers.

Kajetan Walczak

Performance Marketing Manager

At the beginning of our cooperation with WebePartners, we were surprised by the ease of integration with our store, invaluable help in setting the terms and conditions of the program and the rate of growth of publishers. Several billing models and options for informing about discount actions are quite a convenience and real effects of promoting our products. Thanks to this, we continue to record real sales increases. We see WebePartners as a strong partner for further cooperation and brand promotion.

Jan Sobieski

Head of e-commerce

I use WebePartners to recommend valuable products on other sites, as well as to sell my own products. It’s a great way to increase sales, and you can also invite affiliates to promote your products. The process of signing up and generating an affiliate link is very easy. I recommend working with WebePartners both for those who want to recommend the products of others and for those who sell their own products.

Ola Gościniak


Cooperation with webePartners has been going very well for us since the beginning. The developed model of cooperation and business partnerships are the key to success. The clear analytics panel allows for quick and hassle-free operation, giving us more time to develop our program. We recommend webePartners as a reliable business partner.

Wojciech Mazur

E-Commerce Specialist

Affiliation provides opportunities to weave sponsored content into typical content articles. Secondly, it is a great and non-intrusive way to test the reaction of our community to the fact that we want to make money on the content we publish. The last important point is that in affiliation, each party wins. The publisher and affiliate network have a commission, the store has more sales, and the shopper saves time by buying products recommended by people he or she trusts.

Dawid Tymiński


webePartners has been helping us from the very beginning and providing great support in developing our affiliate program. The panel for cooperation with publishers is very intuitive. Thanks to webePartners, we have found new, valuable cooperation partners. Contact with the company staff is fast and professional. WebePartners is definitely worth recommending.

Monika Komorowska

Marketing Manager

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