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How does it work?

Step 1:
You integrate your website with us
Step 2:
We start a partnership programme
Step 3:
We involve publishers to promote your offer
Step 4:
You pay only for the effects of the advertisement

Cost Per Sale and Cost Per Lead

You pay only for specific results and realized actions:
sale, new users, registration on the website
real sale results

Publishers are rewarded for results, so they make every effort to realize the assumed sale objectives or other actions.

expanding network of various publishers

Your advertisement is displayed on numerous websites at once; along with development of your offer you can reach an increasing number of recipients.

precise access to target groups

In the model assuming payment for the results, publishers selected the advertised products precisely, so you get only the valuable traffic and a high level of conversion.

full control of expenditures for advertisement

You pay commission for realized objectives, so you know the costs of this advertising channel in advance.

Convert the abandoned baskets
into paid orders

Do you know that as many as 7 out of 10 customers do not complete their online shopping?
See how to reach them via e-mail marketing.

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Jak rozwijać marketing afiliacyjny

jak wykorzystać banery reklamowe w afiliacji

Advertising banners - how to use them wisely

Every day we visit various websites on the internet and see hundreds of banners that encourage us to click. But are they convincing enough?   What is a banner? A banner is a graphic creation that bloggers or site owners place on their platforms to promote selected offers or services. Each banner is assigned a… ( Czytaj więcej )
co to jest link afiliacyjny

Affiliate link - what is it and how to use it?

The affiliate link allows you to advertise products on your pages in a creative and a not so obvious way. When you begin your adventure with affiliation, pay special attention to this link, because it is the most used tool in affiliate networks. Technically speaking An affiliate link (also known as a deep link) is… ( Czytaj więcej )

Affiliate marketing - a good strategy to achieve systematic sales growth

Ewa Dudek, CEO of the affiliate network of webePartners, in an interview with Justyna Bakalarska, author of the book "Value Marketing", talks about the most important things about affiliation and how to use affiliate marketing to increase online sales. What tools should you use to increase the sales in your online shop? How to choose… ( Czytaj więcej )

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Dowiedz się więcej o programach partnerskich z naszego webinaru "Wirtualna sieć handlowców" zorganizowanego w ramach serii szkoleń online dla właścicieli sklepów internetowych przez Ecommerce Power.

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