Deep links

The fastest way to recommend a product or service. A deep link is a unique URL address, which allows identification of the traffic source. It’s enough you attach the link to any given graphics, text, or send it via e-mail. A deep link directs to any selected subpage on the advertiser’s website.


When it comes to affiliation, they’re perfect for promotion of products or services that are covered by a discount, special offer or other special events. As a publisher you can also create some pools, i.e. rotational banners that promote more than a single product. A different, randomly selected banner is presented at each entry on the site.


Widgets are product banners with photos of products, prices and links to advertisers’ websites. You have full control over the products that will appear in the widget. You select the products for the widget on your own. Using a simple creator you can match it to appearance and theme of your site. The products rotate automatically, and the prices are always up-to-date.

XML files (data feeds)

Offers of all Advertisers are available as xml files (data feed), with pictures, descriptions and prices of products. The Publishers import the xml files through the xml files generator. The generator enables to download the whole Advertiser's offer or only selected categories of products. Products stored in the WebePartners database are arranged according to categories and sub-categories, which enables to compare the offer quickly.

Bargain codes

We guarantee access to discount codes and special offers shared by Advertisers. Discount codes are the best manner to increase the number of visitors and purchasers as they offer the consumers a simple way to save their money. It is a dynamically developing promotional channel. The number of users, who start shopping on-line by searching for interesting discounts and special offers, is increasing day by day.

Deals of the day

Bargains and special prices are being continuously searched for by the Internet users. To respond to those expectations, we have developed original software that finds the best discounts on products in the webePartners database. If you’d like to increase the conversion level, make use of special price offers. The whole process is fully automates thanks to everyday updates of xml files.


It’s original software for advanced publishers. WebeSklep is an addition that allows to develop the existing website. You can also import any given product from the advertisers’ offer, in order to create you own store or a product comparison website.
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API key

You are granted software developer access to system data of webePartners. Thanks to that function you can fully automatize the process of downloading such data as: xml files, a transaction list, a lead list, products from partnership programs, details of partnerships programs, discount code or deals of the day.