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4 Affiliate link generator – best examples in practice

Affiliate link generator is the simplest tool that allows you to earn money online on blogs, thematic websites and in social media!

With the affiliate link generator, you can:

  • generate an affiliate link to any subpage or product within seconds
  • recommend products online in a non-invasive way and make profit on their sales
  • track generated traffic and actions from your website, blog, and social media

Affiliate link generator – how does it work?

The link generator is used to generate affiliate links, i.e., active url links that allow you to count actions and transactions that occur thanks to clicks made on these links. The affiliate system counts orders in online stores that are carried out through affiliate links and automatically calculates commission on these purchases to the owners of affiliate links. Thanks to this, you can earn money by recommending products and services online.

After registering in the affiliate network as a publisher, you get your unique ID, thanks to which your unique identifier is embedded in all links you generate in the affiliate network. So, if your follower, fan, or reader clicks on that affiliate link and makes a purchase, the order will go to the affiliate network’s system and you will receive a commission on the purchase! The affiliate system tracks the traffic you generate through affiliate links, i.e., all clicks on these links, and counts the transactions that are achieved thanks to this.

Generator linków afiliacyjnych

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money on the Internet, creating a link takes just a few seconds, and after placing it on the website, it never expires or becomes outdated. Thanks to this, you can earn money for months and years, from just that one link.

Affiliate link generator in webePartners

To create an affiliate link, we need to use a link generator. You will find it in your publisher’s panel, in the tab Tools >>> Affiliate Links >>> Create an affiliate link

The fastest way is to create a LINK TO THE MAIN PAGE OF THE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM. All you need to do is select an affiliate program from the drop-down list, then you can give it a name to easily find this link on the list of all affiliate links later. Now you just click “generate link” and it is ready! Just copy the affiliate link and post it on your website or social media and monitor the effects.

affiliate link generator

Important! In the drop-down list of affiliate programs, you will only find those in which you have been approved. If you have not been accepted automatically to the selected program, you must join it in the Affiliate Programs tab.

The affiliate link generator has more options. Its greatest advantage is the fact that YOU CAN GENERATE AN AFFILIATE LINK TO ANY PRODUCT IN A STORE that runs an affiliate program. Just copy the link to this product from your internet search engine and paste it into the affiliate link generator.

affiliate link generator

After generating the affiliate link, you will be taken to the My affiliate links tab, where you can manage your links: you can copy them, edit them, add additional parameters, and analyze the traffic they generate.

You already have affiliate links ready. All you have to do is paste them on your website or in social media and encourage users to take advantage of what the online stores you choose have to offer.

generate affiliate links

Affiliate link generator – best examples in practice

Earning money in the affiliate programs is far from pushy touting your product. You put your time into the development of your blog, build readers’ engagement and encourage them to check out the recommended product. You bring to the table those products that the reader of your blog is interested in. With a handy recommendation, you earn a commission on each sale yourself. There is no room for intrusive advertising here, which obviously would not be appreciated by readers. You choose what you want to promote, when and how to do it.

Use the affiliate link generator for this, create affiliate links and place them in your blog posts, Facebook fanpage, Instagram or YouTube. The most important thing is to properly match the advertiser’s offer to the subject of the post or post. There are really many ways to do this. Below, we will introduce you to some of the most popular topics that you can join affiliate links to and get paid! We hope to inspire you to new great ideas that you will turn into profit!

Affiliate link generator – a tool for “essentials”

What to take with you on vacation? How to prepare for winter? Why not go on a bike trip? Prepare a post in which you tell your readers what the essentials in a are given situation. Use the link generator and place your affiliate links to helpful products! Wikilistka in her entry helps parents choose the right kit for the first graders. When mentioning a specific product, she links to it, thanks to which readers can easily go to the store’s website and make a purchase.

Example: First grade essential kit – Wikilistka.pl

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for an always-relevant content, i.e., “evergreen content”

A contents that is always relevant, i.e., fresh and lively, consists of topics that are relevant even for a few years after publication (e.g., beginner’s guides, good practices, etc.). It is good to add affiliate links to such texts, because thanks to its universality, readers will be looking for it regularly, the topic will not become obsolete. On the Sandicious blog you will find an entry about a water filter jug. Despite the passing time, the topic is still relevant, because tap water is a great alternative to bottled water, generating tons of plastic. The blogger describes a specific model and by adding a link to it, she makes it easy for a reader to buy one if they choose to do so.

Example: Water filter jug, why should you use it? – Sandicious.pl

affiliate link generator how to make money online

Affiliate link generator – tool for product reviews and testing

Try out the assortment that will interest the audience of your blog. They will appreciate a review that describes the pros and cons of the product in question. Remember to be as reliable as possible, then you will gain trust, which will result in better results! Piggypeg are bloggers who do not need to be introduced to people who are close to cosmetics and beauty. In their entries, the girls test selected products, and thanks to the presence of affiliate links, every interested reader can immediately purchase the reviewed product.

Example: Resibo, washing gel with peach extract – Piggypeg

generate affiliate links

Affiliate link generator – the tool for the “tool lists”

List the tools you use, e.g., when running a blog or your own business. On the OneLittleSmile blog, a good choice would be affiliate links to various types of applications or portals that facilitate the first steps in building a business. People who want to take advantage of the blogger’s tips will be easily redirected to the page where they will be able to register and use the entire range of tools.

Example: Visual aid. Why do you need it to build a coherent brand – OneLittleSmile

how to generate affiliate links

Affiliate link generator – a tool for shopping guides

Perfect for the weather seasons, holidays, or the sale season. When creating a guide, you have many options to add affiliate links, recommending various products that you will include in it. Be sure to only recommend the ones you use and that deserve to be shared with your readers! That is what Łukasz Podliński did, he is one of the most popular bloggers dealing with men’s fashion. In his post, he presented a few examples of the most fashionable shirts, adding affiliate links. This way, a reader who likes the presented style, can start shopping immediately.

Example: Men’s shirts that are trendy in the spring-summer season – Podlinski.net

affiliate links generator

Affiliate link generator – fashion style and composition tool

Offer your readers specific outfit ideas that can be useful for a special occasion, season, or family celebration. Those types of entries work very similar to shopping guides. In the Ubieraj się klasycznie’s (Dress up classic) post, ladies will find specific ideas on how to match different wardrobe items. Of course, each product has an affiliate link.

Example: 7 Spring Inspirations – Ubieraj się klasycznie

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for product sets in interior design

Show your readers how they can change their space, suggest solutions, help them choose colors and … recommend them the best products! Ewa from the Mocem blog presented interesting inspirations for the arrangement of the wedding room. Thanks to affiliate links, future spouses will be able to easily buy appropriate decorations and ornaments.

Example: Lavender – the wedding theme – Mocem

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – tool for “gift lists”

Something for everyone! Create a gift list for an architect, developer, athlete, or Marvel comic book fan. You will surely help many people in finding the right gift for a loved one! Joanna from the blog Joanna Pachla, presents cheap Christmas gifts! Such a list will definitely help many people choose a great gift for a loved one, since they can immediately go onto the store website using the affiliate link.

Example: 12 ideas for cheap Christmas gifts. How to choose the best ones? – Joanna Pachla

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for TOP rankings

If you run a blog about books, this list is nothing new to you. But if you are working on a different topic, the literature is also worth recommending! Create a list of books related to the subject of your website and recommend them to others! Blogger Klaudyna Maciąg has published a ranking of the 100 best business books, a hundred items that can be linked to affiliate links! And all this in one entry!

Example: 100 Best Business Books – Klaudyna Maciąg

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – tool for guides and self-help books

Make life easier for your readers, think about how to help them, how you can use your own experiences. Miękko o kompetencjach (Softly about competences), blogger Katarzyna Płuska deals with the more business side of blogging on a daily basis and helps solve entrepreneurs’ problems. To entries such as the one below, you can successfully add affiliate links leading to various books, tools or services that will facilitate the organization of time.

Example: Procrastination – how not to postpone tasks until later? 12 effective tips – Katarzyna Płuska

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for DYI tutorials – do it yourself

How to do yourself… everything! You are only limited by your imagination. These are simple tutorials showing you how to do something yourself step by step. They are full of cheap solutions and creative substitutes. (How to renew an old staircase, how to make a background for a photo, how to wrap a gift in an interesting way). If you are interested in handicraft and you like to do “something out of nothing”, you will surely be interested in Hanna’s entries at her Haart blog. By showing the effects of her creative work, as in the case of a mirror made of sticks, she places links to the products she uses, which will make it easier for her readers to follow into her steps.

Example: Mirror made of sticks – Haart Blog

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – product comparison tool

Perfect subject for affiliation! People interested in specific products will search for that blog entry, so providing a link to the store will help them make a purchase decision. As with reviews of one product, you can review and compare several similar ones. Such entries are not uncommon and are used by Kosmeologika (among others), who is comparing similar products. Remember that you can attach an affiliate link to each of them!

Example: Three drugstore serums with myorelaxant peptides: a comparative review – Kosmeologika

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – tool for “Recommended” tabs

List of items that you want to recommend to your readers (books, courses, cosmetics …). Such lists make it easier to specify your purchase plans. Mr. Grono is another male fashion blogger on our list. He has a special tab on his blog, where he writes about the best promotions, presents the most interesting fashion solutions, mentions sales and the end of the collection. Readers can go straight to the store and take advantage of its advice, thanks to the presence of affiliate links.

Example: Recommended – Mr. Grono

generate affiliate links

Affiliate link generator – a tool for “shopping haul”

Useful especially for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. These are usually videos, in which their authors present the outcome of the shopping spree. Bloggers, Youtubers and Instagram users who deal with fashion simply love those hauls. Just like the Youtuber Wujek Rada, who regularly talks about his recent purchases on his channel and places the affiliate links in the description of the video.

Example: Combined shopping haul – Wujek Rada

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for any blogger collecting memories

You can collect memories in the form of, for example, a vacation guide or simply a description of your own memories. An ideal place for an unobtrusive promotion of the services of travel agencies, holiday guides, equipment, shoes… Wandergirl presented an entry on her blog, in which she recommends specific products particularly tailored to parents traveling with a toddler. Thanks to such posts, many people planning a vacation with a baby will surely learn a lot of interesting information. Of course, all products can be purchased immediately thanks to an affiliate link!

Example: What to take on a trip with a one-year-old child – Wandergirl

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for recommending discounts and deals

Tell your readers about the best deals, sales, and price reductions! In such a post it is worth bringing them some discount codes. Advertisers are happy to issue exclusive discount codes if they see you have potential or are actively selling to your readers. Let us be honest – we all love great deals, which can be skillfully used in affiliation. David from Dandycore prepared an entry in which he included the best discounts on many products. Of course, all of them have been matched with appropriate affiliate links.

Example: Sale leftovers – Dandycore

affiliate links generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for those, who like to recommend

Recommend places where you relax, beauty treatments, books, supplements. As always, it is only up to you what favorite products you want to promote. Aleksandra from the Duże podróże (Big Travel) blog knows how important her me-time is. In entries such as the one shown below, it is worth placing affiliate links to various types of products and services that can help you fight stress.

Example: 9 activities that relax me – Duże podróże

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for “Before and after” statements

It is all about the posts that appeal to the imagination and influence the purchase decisions. Show the look before using the product and the end result. Beauty bloggers love to show off makeovers! By showing hair bleaching before and after the treatment, Natalia from BlonHairCare can successfully use affiliate links, recommending products that she used to change her image.

Example: Hair bleaching – before and after – BlondHairCare

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for presenting the “best of …”

Share your latest discoveries with your readers (groceries, gadgets, courses, books – adjust the assortment to the topic of your blog). Ch*jowa Pani Domu is one of the most popular lifestyle bloggers, when it comes to this type of entries. Adding affiliate links to given books will certainly bring you a lot of transactions, and hence, commission!

Example: The best books of July 2019 – Ch*jowa Pani Domu

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for trends’ analysts

Familiarize yourself with the prevailing trends and adapt your content to them! Browse the web and find out what is fashionable now! Remember that being up to date is very important! An example comes from Pojechana, who decided to share with her readers a recently popular trend – solo travels. More and more people decide to go solo, so it is worth having the appropriate knowledge before deciding to take this step. This type of entry is a great opportunity for adding an affiliate links to products such as proper clothing, footwear or… a tariff plan!

Example: Traveling solo – Pojechana

affiliate link generator

Affiliate link generator – a tool for anyone who wants to make money online

If your audience includes other bloggers or people who have their own website, fanpage or mailing base, introduce them to the affiliate programs you use. Affiliation is an increasingly popular method of online income. It gives a lot of freedom and is friendly to your audience. On the Jak zarabiać pieniądze (How to Earn Money) blog, you will find information on how to start earning money on the Internet. Andusing redirecting links to, for example, signing up for an affiliate network, can bring you quite a profit.

Example: Affiliate earning – Jak zarabiać pieniądze

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Affiliate link generator – summary

From the post above, you learned how to use the affiliate link generator in your affiliate activities. We presented a tool for shortening universal links and we also presented many ways of using them in practice in blogging activities. When preparing a blog entry or a social media post, you can use the above examples and find out how they work for you. Remember that in affiliation you are only limited by your own imagination, and there are many ways to match affiliate links with the content!

Last, but not least, a gift! Free e-book for you

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