The meaning of affiliation. How to make money on it?

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

Affiliation is still a real mystery to many people. What does affiliate cooperation mean and how can you make money on it? We invite you to read about the meaning of affiliation.

Affiliation, what does it mean?

Affiliation in the literal translation from Latin (affilatio) is “sonification”, “inclusion into the family”. In practice the meaning of affiliation is a behavior consisting in establishing and maintaining positive contacts and cooperation by an individual or group with other groups and organizations.

In online marketing, affiliation means establishing voluntary cooperation, the aim of which is to achieve tangible benefits for all parties involved in this cooperation.

Affiliation is cooperation!

The cooperating affiliate parts are:

ADVERTISERS – companies that want to increase the sale of their products and services through promotion on various websites and pay only for advertising results

PUBLISHERS – various websites and social media users who want to earn money by recommending products from advertisers’ offers

AFFILIATION NETWORK – a company that provides an affiliate system which allows advertisers to cooperate with publishers in models settled for the effects: Cost Per Sale, Cost Per Lead, and CPC.

the meaning of affiliation

Advertisers in the webePartners network are online stores and companies that provide online services. Affiliate programs are created for advertisers. Publishers join these affiliate programs to promote advertisers’ products on their online platforms and profiles. After joining the program, publishers receive tools that allow them to recommend products on their pages and channels in various ways, and they will receive a commision on sales for each finalized transaction. It is the affiliate network that protects the settlement and maintaining good relations between them, and the entire process takes place in the affiliate system.

The meaning of affiliation – who can become an affiliate publisher?

Affiliate PUBLISHER is any entity operating online (person or company) who earns money by recommending products or services offered by advertisers, in models settled for the effects: CPS (Cost Per Sale – commission on sales) and CPL (Cost Per Lead – fixed rate for delivery of a specific action) or hybrid models CPS + CPC and CPL + CPC.

Anyone who works online in any way and wants to earn money can become a publisher. To become a publisher, all you need to do is:

  • run a thematic website
  • write a blog
  • have an account in social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest)
  • have a rebate or cashback service
  • have a product finder or price comparison engine
  • have a legal mailing database
  • communicate with recipients or friends via e-mail and online messaging

Anyone who wants to recommend selected products to their target group and earn money on these recommendations through affiliate links, product widgets, banners, xml files, can become a publisher. There are no special requirements to become a publisher, and you do not have to sign a physical contract. All you need to do is register in the affiliate network and accept the terms of cooperation. By registering in the affiliate network, the publisher gains:

  • the possibility of cooperation with advertisers without additional formalities and the need to sign direct cooperation agreements
  • working in one place with hundreds of advertisers as part of the partner program
  • permanent access to tools that enable earning on referrals: affiliate links, product widgets, banners, xml files
  • permanent access to discounts, special actions and discount codes provided by advertisers

The meaning of affiliation – who can become an advertiser?

The ADVERTISER is a company that increases online sales, thanks to publishers‘ recommendations. It’s in models settled for the effects: CPS (Cost Per Sale – sales commission) and CPL (Cost Per Lead – a fixed rate for delivering a specific action) or in hybrid CPS + CPC models and CPL + CPC.

An advertiser can be any company that runs a commercial Internet activity and wants to sell more in the models settled for the effects. Those are CPS (Cost Per Sale – sales commission) and CPL (Cost Per Lead – a fixed rate for a specific action) thanks to the recommendations of publishers. At webePartners, we dedicate our services and tools to the e-commerce market. Therefore online stores and internet service providers can become advertisers on the webePartners network. To start working with publishers, an advertiser must start an affiliate program on the affiliate network

The meaning of affiliation – cooperation with the affiliate network

In order for affiliation in marketing to run smoothly and with mutual benefit, someone has to supervise it. This is what the affiliate network does. From the point of view of the network, the most important thing is to solve the problems of individual partners. So, both advertisers and publishers cooperate effectively with each other, and to constantly expand the group of customers. The larger the affiliate network is, the more opportunities its users have.

Affiliation is one of the most popular and safest ways to earn money on the Internet. New publishers join the affiliate network every day. Registration is free and does not require any additional documents. Thus, it is a very attractive solution for beginners and advanced web creators. Often, there are also new partnership programs in various fields, such as: beauty, fashion, electronics, health, furniture, interior design, articles for children, books, etc. The great variety of online stores is very important as it opens up more opportunities for existing and new publishers.

Of course, with so many users interacting with each other, there may come up some urgent issues to clear up from time to time. That is why the affiliate network is in constant contact with publishers and advertisers. The most common tasks of the network include providing publishers with information about promotions and discounts in advertisers’ stores. Also, solving technical issues, supervising the correct integration of stores with the network system, and controlling individual activities of both entities.

The meaning of affiliation – easy money from advertising

You already know that affiliation is an online cooperation between publishers and advertisers. The affiliate network ensures the smooth operation of this cooperation. It is time to find out how you can make money on it!

After registering in the affiliate network, the publisher can use many tools that the network provides. The most popular and the easiest to use are affiliate links though. The publisher generates affiliate links, i.e., special links to any products in the advertiser’s store that contain tracking code. Thanks to this code, the completed order coming from the publisher’s recommendation is credited to their account. The publisher knows in advance what commission they will receive, because it is always specified in detail in the regulations of each affiliate program.

the meaning of affiliation

the meaning of affiliation

Why affiliation?

What is the meaning behind affiliation being one of the easiest tools to monetize your activities on the Internet? Advertisers get a base of potential customers and publishers earn money by recommending their products. The advantage of affiliate cooperation is also the non-standard time we devote to it. Publishers themselves decide on the intensity of promotion on their websites, and what and when they want to recommend to their audience. They operate completely independently. Also, what is extremely important, they can resign from affiliate cooperation at any time without giving the reason for their decision.

Affiliation is an example of win-win cooperation. There are no losers and anyone can earn on it.