Monetization on Instagram – how to generate income from affiliate links

We have already written about earning money on Facebook. Time for a few words about monetization on Instagram, which is also possible – and contrary to appearances, very simple.

Monetization on Instagram

Instagram is a world of hashtags and beautiful photos. Most of all though – it is a mobile application with highly engaged users who practically never part with it. It does not provide as many opportunities to post active affiliate links as Facebook. Due to such an engaged community though, it is worth using the opportunities that exist there as soon as possible, to start earning money on Instagram.

Monetization on Instagram – recommending products from affiliate programs, i.e., affiliate cooperation

There are several ways to earn money on Instagram, similar to blogging. You can work with brands by creating sponsored posts for them. However, in order to be able to start negotiations with well-known brands directly, you need to show off the appropriate reach and commitment of your community. But what if our profile does not yet have the required ranges? You can join affiliate programs in the affiliate network and start working with brands without any additional formalities. It is very likely that the companies and brands you want to cooperate with already have affiliate programs, because affiliate cooperation is currently the most popular way for companies to cooperate with influencers. Check what brands you can work with the webePartners affiliate network.

Affiliate programs – how does it work?

Thanks to the affiliate program, you can recommend products online and earn commission on selling them. All you have to do is:

1. register as a publisher on the affiliate network

2. join the affiliate program of the selected brand (i.e., the advertiser)

3. generate affiliate links to the products you want to recommend.

You can generate the affiliate link with just three clicks. It is the simplest tool used in affiliate cooperation. After registering with our network, the affiliate link generator will guide you through this STEP-BY-STEP process.

Monetization on Instagram – when to start working in affiliate programs?

And here is a surprise! There are no entry thresholds for cooperation as a publisher within affiliate programs. It is a great option even for beginners on Instagram. Quite often the same brands that place very high demands on popular influencers in direct cooperation, do not have them in affiliate cooperation. Why? Because they want to encourage as many influencers as possible to join the partnership program. They, thanks to smaller but engaged communities, will have a positive impact on the company’s image and sales of its products. Affiliate programs assume long-term cooperation with influencers. Therefore, there is no requirement for them to immediately deliver the assumed campaign goals. Companies here are patient. But this does not happen in direct cooperation. Each direct campaign with a popular influencer is to bring very quickly specific results, for which they are accounted for.

Therefore, cooperation within partnership programs not only gives you the opportunity to start cooperation with brands without unnecessary formalities. It also gives you the comfort that, as a publisher, you can calmly and systematically present your potential to the advertiser. Cooperation is voluntary, you act independently and, what is very important, you can resign from such cooperation at any time, without giving any reason.

Monetization on Instagram – what my earnings depend on

Reach and engagement are the two primary factors that influence Instagram revenue. But the amount of reach you need in order to start earning, depends on several other factors:

afiliacja wykonane

the industry in which you operate. The more you touch upon a niche topic, the better, because with the most popular ones, such as fashion or cosmetics, competition is already very strong and it is more and more difficult to break through

afiliacja wykonane

commitment of the community you have gathered. The number of followers is not the most important, but the number of reactions to what you post (we recommend reading our post on good practices on Instagram))

afiliacja wykonane

the products you present and recommend. If they are tested and compatible with the profile you run, you will gain trust and start earning money even on a small community

Monetization on Instagram – let’s get down to business

Instagram has limited external linking. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to put an active link in the post, which will take us to an external website. Each link in the description of the post remains inactive and must be copied and then pasted into the search engine if we want to see what is in it. But there is a way to redirect your users directly to their destination after all!

The active link can be placed in the profile description, the so-called BIO. Therefore, any affiliate link can be inserted in BIO. When you create a post about a product that you are testing or wanting to recommend, the best solution is to provide an inactive link in the content of the post and the information that the active link to the product is in the BIO. Such a solution requires frequent updating of links in BIO, but Instagram users are used to this solution and quickly find an active link that leads them to external websites and services.


Monetization on Instagram - how to generate income from affiliate links
If you repeat the link from the post content in BIO, your users will quickly go to the page you recommend them

Monetization on Instagram – affiliate link in Instagram Stories

For large profiles, above 10,000 followers, Instagram has made it possible to add links in Instagram Stories. Just swipe up and you will be immediately taken to the landing page, i.e., in the case of affiliation, the advertiser’s website.

Monetization on Instagram - how to generate income from affiliate links

Anyone who scrolls their finger up the smartphone screen while watching the live link, will be taken to the outside site. To encourage fans to act, it is worth adding some inscription or sticker informing about hyperlinks.

As you can see above, it is technically very easy to make money on Instagram. Insta affiliation is particularly eagerly used by fashion bloggers who place in their bio a link of the product they present in the latest photo. But each product category has a chance to prove itself on Instagram. In fact, the larger the thematic niche and the clearer defined target group, the better the results. Of course, you should take care of the number of followers, and we can increase it thanks to the use of Instagram Stories.


1. open Instagram Stories and take a photo

2. click on the chain icon

3. paste your affiliate link and it’s ready!

Anna Lewandowska Instagram – other ways of monetization on Instagram

The wife of a famous footballer has achieved considerable success in social media, her profile is followed by over 2 million users on Instagram. Anna Lewandowska’s Instagram is basically a thriving project that has long gone beyond the framework of standard communication. In this case, earning money on Instagram is not related to placing affiliate links or even cooperation with well-known brands.

Monetization on Instagram - how to generate income from affiliate links

Anna Lewandowska uses her Instagram to promote her application, Diet & Training by Ann, which helps users lose weight and keep them slim. Instagram is a very good support for this type of activity, because you can show the results, encourage you to use the app, and quickly get to know the opinions of users who decided to download it.

Of course, apart from a typical business function, Anna Lewandowska’s Instagram is also a place where the trainer shares her private experiences with fans. Among over five thousand photos added via the application, you can find those from behind the Christmas table, a romantic date or playing with a child. Anna Lewandowska’s Instagram is definitely worth recommending to people who like an active lifestyle. Also for those, who spend a lot of time at the gym or are looking for proven exercises or recipes.


Instagram is currently one of the most popular channels to start making money on the internet. However, each platform has its own rules, so before you start placing affiliate links, it is worth watching how professional bloggers or Instagrammers do it.

Monetization on Instagram - how to generate income from affiliate links