5 simple steps to increase the attractiveness of your blog

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

Even with an aesthetic and visually attractive service, we can always work on improving it. And it’s not only about appearance, but also the content is a key. Here are some of our tips for bloggers!

1. First impression matters!

This principle is applied in every area of ​​life, also the blogosphere. Even when it seems that the first impression may often be wrong, after entering the blog, these few seconds are of key importance for the reader’s further adventure with the website. Therefore, make sure that they stay with you after the first visit. First of all, make sure that the landing page immediately encourages them to read further. Let it not be overloaded with content, present the most important information, and intrigue with its appearance and aesthetics.

Potential readers are often discouraged by illegibility or communication chaos. By that, I mean a situation in which there is too much content and the hierarchy of information is not preserved. In addition, even the best-quality entries will be lost if the appearance of your blog does not seem attractive. Remember that this is very important and it is often better to invest in a specialist who will help in setting an attractive site than focus on the solitary attempts to improve the visual aspect of the website.

If, after a few seconds from the first visit, you manage to grasp the reader’s attention for a longer time, you can be sure that your blog will interest them and that they will definitely come back.

Haart zrób to sam webepartners blog diy
It is important that after the first visit to the blog, the reader decides to stay with us for a longer time.

2. Control the length of entries.

Bloggers and readers are discussing, if today, when there is a trend of mass shortening of the messages, it is worth investing their time in longer and more demanding content. One thing is sure –  how much time we spend on preparing the content, it matters. Therefore, before you start tapping the keyboard, you should ask yourself some basic questions:

afiliacja wykonane What is the purpose of the entry?

afiliacja wykonane Who do we direct it to?

afiliacja wykonane What main thought do you want to convey to your readers?

Thanks to such “targeting”, it will be easier to decide how to prepare a long text. It is worth using a specific subgroup of readers and directing the entry to them, even if it was to be more extensive. It’s much easier than writing a universal text for everyone. You will definitely attract the attention of those, who are more interested in the subject, and – by the way, you will not discourage others who will appreciate the work you have put into preparing the demanding and substantive content.

Remember that, before starting to work on your text, it is worth considering the text itself and who it is addressed to. It will make it easier for you to make a right decision and will help the writing process.

onet webepartners blogging tips
In the case of a longer text, it is worth remembering about the appropriate arrangement of paragraphs, in order to make it as clear as possible.

3. Stay up to date (in every aspect).

The timeliness of content is a key value for every blogging activity, and we do not need to remind anyone about it. 🙂 Often, however, bloggers do not pay attention to novelties from their field, which can be a serious mistake. It is worth following the latest publications, keeping up to date with research results, professional literature or expert opinions. When preparing another entry on a given topic, one should delve into it. Only then our readers will treat us as an authority in this field, and the authority can not be built overnight. It requires a lot of work and constant hand on the pulse. In posts, it is worth referring to the opinion of other people whose users can trust. Such activities will make readers take blogging work and dedication seriously. And that will be good for everyone! 🙂

Do not forget, however, that the current content is one thing, but there are still technological issues. It is also worth following modern trends in the design of websites or various types of technical solutions that will make our work easier and will appeal to readers. Changing the logo, color or font does not have to be revolutionary! Or maybe before you decide to take such a step, consult your readers using the questionnaire? It will let them know that you think about them and you care about their comfort!

ranking 10 najlepszych wózków dla dzieci 2018 webepartners
The latest trends, news, rankings help to gain the attention and trust of readers.

4. Take care of your readers.

The fact that you do not write a blog just for yourself, is obvious. That is why it is very important to interact with users and maintain good relationships with them. Remember, first of all, that you should consider their opinion, even if they happen to criticize you. Constructive criticism is motivating, and insulting and trying to defend your own opinion should never be a solution!

When comments appear below your post, try to reply to most of them. Thanks to this, readers will know that you respect their opinion and you are interested in their views. This is very important, because creating a partner relationship is the key to the success of the blog. Additionally, try to be up to date on your social media, write back to comments and private messages. Show that you care about them and are an inseparable part of the work you do. The better your relationship with your readers, the easier it will be to interest them in your recommended products!

piggypeg komentarze analiza kosmetyków webepartners
Constant contact with readers is a key element of blog success.

5. Recommend, do not persuade.

Every blogger dreams about making their website profitable. However, before you achieve satisfactory results, a lot of work awaits you to gather a database of loyal readers and win new ones. However, nothing irritates users more than reloading ads and direct, aggressive urging to buy products.

Therefore, limit the advertising space of your website to the necessary minimum! Change your creative banner often, use widgets whose appearance you can adjust to the aesthetics of your blog, and let affiliate links be a delicate suggestion, not a persuasion! Thanks to such actions, your current and future readers will not be discouraged, and by the way you will achieve better results! A reasonable running of an advertising campaign in the long run is much more profitable. Also, you run a blog, not an online store! Therefore, from the very beginning, make sure that your ads are distributed in a rational way and do not overdo them with their quantity. If you gain the trust of your users, they will be happy to use your commands!

advertising blogging tips webe partners
Maintaining moderation in placing advertising content is very important!


The five simple steps described above will help you make the blog more attractive to users, for sure. Remember to always put your readers at the center, this is a basic principle that you must not forget about. And besides:

afiliacja wykonane Take care about the aesthetics and quality of your website content

afiliacja wykonane Try to keep up with the latest trends and trends

afiliacja wykonane Maintain good relationships with readers on all channels

afiliacja wykonane Do not overdo ads

If you follow our tips, success will definitely be only a matter of time! 🙂


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