Easter decorations

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

Easter is fast approaching, which means that it is worth to start looking for the decorations that will refresh our home and bring the atmosphere of Easter.

Bunnies, bunnies, eggs or maybe some lambs? There are many of Easter symbols and so are the possibilities to incorporate them into the decor of your apartment.

Below are some suggestions that can inspire you in the period of preparations for these happy holidays 🙂

Where to start?

Even before you start painting the Easter eggs and the sweet smell of a cake comes from the kitchen, the festive atmosphere will be brought to your home by subtle decorations.

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the windows can be the mirror of the house. Easter is an opportunity to let a little bit of Spring into the house and colorful curtains that will enliven any interior can help. We were captivated by this curtain curtain with a rabbit! Yellow intertwines here with pink, green and orange and so it is a composition of colors that are associated directly with Spring!

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When the windows say that the holidays are coming, it is worth to inform the rest of the room too. Most people start with the decor of the salon, where the whole family meets, as well as guests. If you have a coffee table or a chest of drawers with an open top, you can decorate them with an Easter tread. For example, this one with an Easter basket pattern. White material will add elegance, but also light and lightness to any interior.

And when you already decorated the coffee table in the living room, you should think about the couch. You do not need much to change her decor a bit – just a few new pillows and you are done! The atmosphere of Easter will perfectly fit… colorful chicks on a creamy pillowcase. Discreet cream gray will surely blend in with the color of most furniture.

blog webe wielkanocSpring also means fresh flowers on the table! During the holidays, they will look great, for example in a vase … in the shape of an egg! This remarkable solution will appeal to all creative people who value ingenious interiors.

The climate of Easter can also bring home small and subtle decorations that can be set anywhere.

A white, wooden bunny will certainly fit within that mindset. During the day it will work as a lovely figurine and after dark it will lightly illuminate the interior with the trendy LEDs.

And if we talk about the evening light, a little bit of romantic atmosphere into your home will introduce a bunny-shaped candle. Its elegant grayness will easily match any decor.

And what about the window sill? In some houses it is completely empty, in others, potted flowers are placed on it. No matter what it looks like at your house, a few wooden figurines in a fashionable, rustic style will surely bring a festive mood. You can set them between pots or as the only ornaments on the window sill… or set up in several different places throughout the house.

blog webe wielkanocSpeaking of flowers, you can also dress them in new “clothes”. Nothing is more associated with holidays than an Easter egg, which is why a flowerpot in its shape may be a great idea for Easter!

Easter is also the time to send cards! Handwritten cards are becoming popular again and are enjoyed by recipients whose mailboxes usually only see official letters and advertising leaflets. If you want to please your relatives with a nice greeting card, both – a white, elegant card and a more durable, wooden one – will work. People can treat them as ornaments. During the holidays, they can stand on the dresser, to please the eye and put the smile on their faces.

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Of course, these are just a few ideas for Easter decorations that can inspire you. In the stores of our advertisers you will find many more gadgets and items that you can incorporate into the decor of your home and count down the time until Easter 🙂