How to affiliate on the blog, so you do not overdo it?

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

Bloggers who have opted for affiliate activities, certainly ask themselves the question above. Check our tips and find out what mistakes you should not make!

1. Advertising is a complement to the content

Exactly! The advertisement should be an addition to the post, and not the other way around. This is the basic principle to be followed in affiliate activities. We do not create content for the promotion of specific products, but for our readers. Advertising should stem from the text, be its natural consequence, and not the goal itself. Before you add another affiliate link, think about whether it is absolutely necessary.

The most important goal of blogging activity is, above all, giving valuable content to users. Readers do not want to be treated as potential money sources, so you should not abuse their trust. It is very easy to recognize what character specific entries have. If they are overloaded with affiliate links or banners, readers will detect falsehood. Therefore, remember to always put users first and prepare attractive content. Links and affiliate advertising should only be complementing the content.

2. Frequency of promotion

Working in various affiliate programs does not necessarily mean that every post has to contain affiliate links. You do not sign any commitments that would require you to have any specific frequency to promote the advertiser’s products. In fact, if every text contains advertising not related to the actual content, readers will quickly sense that you care about earnings first and foremost. So try to use moderation and do not overdo it with the amount of advertising material.

3. Banners and moderation

There is no more direct form of promotion than an advertising banner. Lots of websites use them, however, incorrectly. First of all, be careful about their quantity, because they can discourage users from staying on your site. Nobody likes to be attacked by the huge number of advertising creations. Besides, remember that they are just an addition to your blog and should fit in with its aesthetics. Choose subdued, non-sharp banners and try to replace them as often as possible. You can also use product widgets, which are a very good alternative to banners. They are also a more discreet and often more effective form of advertising.

4. Content and form have meaning

If the affiliate activities do not bring the expected results, consider whether adding more partner links will actually help. Perhaps, you should work on the content itself, make it more interesting and more attractive to users. The same applies to photos, if you add them to posts. The more beautiful and aesthetic they are, the easier they will attract your readers’ attention. The same applies to the content of the blog itself. Check, if the font size is correct and if its color does not make reading difficult. Sometimes such simple changes can work wonders.

5. Advertise unobtrusively

Users do not like intrusive persuasions to buy. Remember that you are a blogger, not an insurer, who at all costs must persuade someone to buy a given product. Try, therefore, recommend and not sell. That is a rule that will ensure that your readers will not feel used. If they treat you as an authority in a given field, you should not abuse their trust. Therefore, avoid such sentencing as: you must have it or buy it necessarily.

In advertising, moderation is a keyword. If you do not want to lead to a situation in which users move away from you, apply the above-mentioned principles, and you will not have to wait long for the results!


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