How to make money on Facebook – examples of using affiliate links

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How to make money on Facebook? Get to know and make the most of affiliate links. There is a lot of them!

How to make money on Facebook thanks to the links

The best and simplest answer to the “how to make money on Facebook” question are affiliate links.

Facebook offers many opportunities to post active links that lead outside of Facebook to other websites, including affiliate links. That is why making money on Facebook is so effective. Active affiliate links can be pasted directly into the content of the post, in the description of the graphic, movie or photo album. We can also paste the link itself, without additional content. Therefore, creating entries containing affiliate links does not require any additional skills. When creating an affiliate post, you do exactly the same as you always did, but you additionally attach the affiliate link in the chosen place.

So, if you have your own fanpage around which you gather some community or if you are otherwise active on Facebook, you can start earning money right away. By recommending products to your fans in your feed, in thematic groups or in the comments, and by connecting affiliate links to these recommendations, you can earn commissions for selling recommended products.

How to make money on Facebook – what is affiliation?

Affiliation means making money on referrals, where the publisher (i.e., Facebook user) earns commissions from selling recommended products from advertisers’ online stores, and advertisers earn because they sell more thanks to the publisher’s recommendations.

The publisher (Facebook user) recommends products that advertisers (online stores) provide as part of their partner programs. Everything is done virtually and online. The first step to start earning money from affiliation is to register with the affiliate network as a PUBLISHER. Then you can join selected AFFILIATE PROGRAMS available in the affiliate network and start recommending products that a given ADVERTISER offers in their online store (and, at the same time, in its affiliate program). All the products that can be recommended are available in our webePartners product database, which already has over 3 million products! So, no matter what profile you run, what thematic groups you belong to, you will surely find products that you already know and want to recommend to others or products that you want to recommend to others because they correspond to the topics discussed in your community.

How to make money on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook – why do affiliate links work?

First of all, affiliate links allow you to recommend products in a creative way. Thanks to the links, our recommendations are not intrusive advertising but a valuable recommendation, and this is what our fans expect. If we recommend products that correspond to the subject of our fanpage, we add value to it, because we recommend trustworthy products that can be quickly purchased online. This way, we save our fans their time, and today time is the most valuable currency. They no longer have to search the internet on their own for information on certain products and look for reliable places where they can buy them.

An affiliate link is a unique URL address to any page or product in an online store, which – when processed in the affiliate system – becomes an affiliate link, where your unique publisher ID is encrypted.

Therefore, thanks to affiliate links to the account of the publisher recommending products, we can measure:

  • each click from this link and entry onto the advertiser’s website
  • actions/ sales that come from following that link
  • commissions on those actions/ sales

By recommending products from stores through affiliate links, we have a guarantee that we will receive a commission on their sale when the user buys something in the store thanks to our recommendation.

How to make money on Facebook – basic commission models

In affiliate cooperation, the basic commission models are CPS, CPL and CPC.

What characterizes affiliation is that the cooperation of publishers and advertisers is accounted for in i.e., efficiency models. In e-commerce, i.e., in affiliation where the advertisers are online stores, the basic model of settlement is a commission on sales, i.e., the Cost Per Sale model. It is a safe and profitable model for each party. By rewarding for the effects, publishers can count on long-term cooperation with advertisers and well-known brands, and advertisers reduce the risk of failure of promotional campaigns, which is why they are willing to give away some of their commission. In performance campaigns, sales conversion is high, which guarantees high commissions for publishers and increased sales in advertisers’ stores.

In addition to the CPS model, the popular models are the CPL and CPC:

CPS (Cost per Sale) – commission on sales, i.e., for sales made on your recommendation, you receive a predetermined commission. It is the most popular billing model and the basic one in affiliate cooperation with online stores.

CPL (Cost per Lead)a fixed amount for the implementation of a specific action: subscribing to the newsletter, filling out a form/ questionnaire, leaving contact details, etc. This model is used mainly by companies offering services, not products.

CPC (Cost per click)a fixed rate for each unique click on a link or banner. An increasingly less popular model, in affiliation most often used in conjunction with the CPS or CPL model, i.e., hybrid models.

How to make money on Facebook – enough of theory, let’s get to practice

Making money of Facebook – affiliate link as a post

It is a very simple task. After generating an affiliate link, place it directly in the content of the post. Then add the appropriate, prepared graphics (in the case of linking posts, the size of the graphic is usually 1200 × 628). You can change the name of the link by clicking on it and entering your own, as shown in the picture below. Remember to add a text to your post, the affiliate link itself as a post does not encourage users to click, but with a proper textual content, it is an effective method of making money on Facebook.

how to make money on facebook
An example of placing an affiliate link into a Facebook post

How to make money on Facebook – Affiliate link in the text of the post

Marek runs a fanpage devoted to TV series. He has been active in affiliate networks for some time now and recommends advertisers’ products on his page. Marek knows how to make money on Facebook and recently published the following post: House of Cards is an incredibly addictive series about intrigue at the very top of American power. Excellent acting, thrilling action, brilliant plots. I recommend it with all my heart! If you would like to have the entire first season on DVD in your collection, please click here: https://goo.gl/FNKCMU

how to make money on facebook
Marek’s post on Facebook with using an affiliate link

This form of promotion is very thoughtful, because the affiliate link is only a supplement to the content of the post, not its purpose.

If this is not enough for you and you are still wondering how to make money on Facebook, we have another suggestion. It just so happens that Facebook offers the most ways of presenting your posts among all social media platforms. Thus, it means that it gives many opportunities to redirect users outside the website.

How to make money on Facebook – “Get the look” and “Must have”

To learn how to make money on Facebook, we need to know our fans well. This will make it easier for us to choose the proper products for recommending and of course, have a better click-through rate for our recommendations. Try to recommend your users things that are related to the topic of your fanpage and the interests of the fans. All kinds of outfits ideas and product combinations from the “Get the look” or “Must have” series work very well on Facebook (and other places too). Below is an example on Karina Mrozicka’s Fanpage, who is a stylist and will periodically present her fans with interesting styling combinations. They get ready-to-wear ideas with just a few clicks, and Karina gets commission on their purchases.

how to make money on facebook

How to make money on Facebook – affiliate links in the photo description

We can also add an affiliate link to the photo description. It is very simple. All you need to do is share a picture on your fanpage, and by selecting the “add a description” function, you can place an affiliate link and the content of the post next to it.

how to make money on facebook

How to make money on Facebook – affiliate link in the comment and private message

This is another way to make money on Facebook. At this point, we can again use the example of Mark:

After publishing the post about the series House of Cards, Marek received a comment from Magda. It sounded like this: I am looking for a birthday present for a brother, who is interested in fantasy genre. Could you recommend a series for me? Nothing easier! Marek went to the website of the store he is a partner of and found an elegant release of the first season of the Game of Thrones series. He replied to the comment like this: Sure! How about this: https://goo.gl/WWB62K

Marek received a very similar question in a private message. He also recommended this series along with the affiliate link. Sending links via messenger is not a problem after all!

how to make money on facebook
Marek’s private message screenshot

In these two cases, we are dealing with a situation where the user asks for help and advice himself, so there can be no intrusive action and persuasion to buy at any cost. It is an easy way to make money on Facebook.

Remember that you can send affiliate links not only via Messenger. You can easily paste it into the WhatsApp messenger, Google Hangouts, SMS or simply into an email. Each link sent in a private message or in a comment can be replaced with an affiliate link! This opens up many possibilities for you.

how to make money on facebook
Example of placing an affiliate link as response to a question in a FB comment


How to make money on Facebook – affiliate links in thematic groups

Another way to do affiliate activities on Facebook is to present products in thematic groups that are becoming more and more popular. The rules of operation are very similar here to the other places. We prepare the content of the post (e.g., a book description), add its photo and an affiliate link. However, we must remember that each group has its own rules, so before sharing a post, carefully read its terms. We do not want to get banned, do we?

How to make money on Facebook – or maybe Instagram too?

Facebook is one of the many social media platforms where you can publish affiliate links and earn money. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest also offer such possibilities. If you want to learn, how to monetize traffic in other social media, we have a free ebook for you “How to make money in social media“. There you will find only practical examples of publishing affiliate links in order to monetize your activity.

how to make money on facebookmake money on facebook

How to make money on Facebook – summary

  • Affiliation is a good way to make money on Facebook. Make sure that it is is always valuable and consistent with the image you create and it will certainly translate into the benefits of affiliation.
  • Posts should not be overloaded with affiliate links. Recommend products that you do not directly make money from as well. Thanks to this, you will build your image of an expert! It is worth recommending things that you can be sure are worth recommending.
  • TEST! There is no single answer to how to make money on Facebook and what format works best for affiliate activities. It all depends on the specifics and preferences of your target group. Therefore, do not be discouraged if the first actions do not bring the expected results. Test different possibilities and formats to find the one that brings the best results over time.

How to make money on Facebook – video manual

Our friend Sebastian has prepared a video guide for you on how to use Facebook for affiliation in a simple and effective way

We encourage you to watch this manual and find out what ways you can use to reach your audience:

In the first lesson, you will learn how you can attach a Facebook affiliate link by pasting it into a post. You will also learn how to make such a link more attractive, so that it does not look ugly and encourages a user to click:


Lesson number two shows you, how to create a Facebook post in which you paste an affiliate link. It is a very simple and detailed instruction


How to make money on Facebook in discussion groups? They are also a great place for affiliate activities. In the third lesson you will learn how to explore their potential:


In the fourth lesson you will learn how to use photos posted on the platform. It is also very simple and a nice photo can catch your audience’s attention a lot. In the video below, Sebastian shows you step by step what to do:


You can also use the affiliate link in the comment. In the fifth lesson of the manual, Sebastian shows you how to make money on a Facebook and he is using the example of a fanpage post. In fact, you can use any type of comment (groups, response to a fanpage or even on a private profile when, for example, a friend is looking for an interesting book).


The sixth video on how to make money on Facebook by sharing affiliate links that we want to share with you, is one about sending a link via a private message. You can use this method when, for example, your fan or friend asks for recommendation of a specific product. In the last lesson, everything is explained step by step:



Affiliation on Facebook allows you to monetize your activities on the Internet without having your own website. Better yet, there are many ways to place your affiliate link there. However, let us not forget that when creating a fanpage, we must first of all provide attractive content to our “likers”, so be sure to affiliate with caution and moderation!



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