RTM – how can you use the Real Time Marketing in affiliation

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

Keeping up to date with the most interesting events and trends is extremely important in each online activity. Today we will talk about how to skillfully use RTMs to bring tangible benefits in affiliation.

What is the RTM?

RTM, or real time marketing, is simply a set of activities that constitute a marketing response to current cultural, sports and political events. This will be, for example, a Facebook post about the victory of Kamil Stoch on the profile of a well-known sports brand or a memorable memo referring to the cinema première of the long-awaited blockbuster. Therefore, we can divide the RTMs into two basic categories:
planned, that is, for all expected events, which we are sure of coming, such as the appearance of a new author’s book or solar eclipse
RTM webe partners
KFC refers in a funny way to the premiere of the seventh episode of Star Wars

unplanned, which is a matter of chance and may surprise the audience. It may be the situation of the Polish team’s match, where Lewandowski will score seven goals or the Polish film will unexpectedly receive an Oscar

RTM lewandowski castorama webe partners
Castorama’s reaction to Robert Lewandowski’s 5 goals in 9 minutes shows how to use the latest events creatively.

From the point of view of marketing specialists, the second category is much more important. Thanks to efficient and creative response to the latest events, the recipients see that the brand is up to date with what is happening in the world. This increases the likes of users, especially if RTM deals with the situation they are interested in.

Where do we use the RTMs?

The main source of sharing the RTM content by the brand are social media. This is mainly due to the fact that social media are constantly responding to current events. Tweets during matches, a selfie from the cinema or comments on the presidential election, this is happening on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Therefore, brands actively work on their profiles, surprising fans with interesting reactions.

What does the brand gain?

Mentioned appreciation of users and the recognition of the advertising industry is not everything. RTMs are a perfect long-term activity, because they have a very positive impact on the image of a given brand and show that it perfectly copes with reacting to current trends and events.

However, RTM activities are not only assigned to large and well-known companies. They can also be successfully used by bloggers, instagrammers and other social media users who build their own brand. For them, it is a great opportunity to show how much they are involved in creating an interesting and current content. Therefore, if you are wondering, whether creating this type of content makes sense, when you do not have hundreds of thousands of fans, the answer is YES! :)

RTM and affiliation

With this connection, there are definitely many benefits for publishers! All you need to do is think about which current events are worth connecting with affiliate activities. The entry on the day of the premiere of Dan Brown’s new novel with links from the bookshop’s partners, for sure, will be an incentive for readers. In turn, a Facebook post recalling the upcoming match of the team bearing football gadgets at great prices will definitely attract fans.

Affiliation goes hand in hand with every form of marketing, so you should test different options and see how they will translate into sales results. This is a good solution for RTMs, for one simple reason – users love them! Creative reactions to current events are often one of the best social media content, most commented on by fans.

What should you remember?

In the case of RTMs, one principle counts, i.e. quick response. If you manage to react in a timely manner, then you can be sure that the entry or post will succeed. Remember, however, that the lifespan of certain events is limited and what the web lives off today, in a week will be a faded memory. Therefore, when too much time has passed, it is better not to make up for the trend by force, because then users may think that you are not up to date.