Affiliation on Facebook

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

What is great about affiliation, is that you do not need to run a blog or any website to earn money from your online activities. You can use your Facebook page and it will be just enough!

Where to begin?

First of all, you should adopt a certain strategy for operating in social media . Remember that your fans want to primarily get acquainted with the content you provide, and not with ads that will lead them to purchase recommended products. That is why it is very important to choose your ad reasonably, so that it complements the published content and not the other way around. However, if you are preparing a strictly advertising post, try to make it not intrusive or too direct – the user is more likely to click on the link when there is an information to check it out, rather than buy. 🙂

Affiliation on Facbeook  – affiliate link is the best choice

The most popular form of affiliate activities in social media are affiliate links (you will learn more about them here). We will show you now a few ways to place them on your page. You can also read more about how to make money on Facebook.

Affiliation on Facbeook

Affiliation on Facbeook – affiliate link as a post

After generating the affiliate link, place it directly in the content of the post. After pasting the link, add the appropriate graphic (in the case of linking posts it is usually 1200×628). Remember also about adding the content to your post, an affiliate link itself as a post would probably not encourage the users to click!

Affiliate link in the content of the post

You can also incorporate an affiliate link into the content of the post. This is best illustrated by the following example:
Marek runs a fan page about the TV series. For quite some time, he has been working in affiliate networks and advertising products on his site. Recently, he published the following post on Facebook: House of Cards is an incredibly addictive series about intrigues at the very top of the American government. Excellent acting, thrilling action, brilliant threads. I recommend the show with all my heart! If you would like to have the entire first DVD season in your collection, click here: https://goo.gl/FNKCMU

afiliacja na facebooku

This form of promotion is very well thought out, because the affiliate link is only a supplement to the content of the post, not its purpose.

Affiliation on Facbeook – affiliate link on Facebook groups

Another way to function in the social media is to present products in the Facebook groups, which are becoming more and more popular. The operating principles look very similar here. You prepare the content of the post (for example a book description), add a photo of it and an affiliate link. However, you must remember that each group has its own rules, so before sharing a post, read its rules carefully. You would not want to get a ban, would you? 😉

Affiliate link and a photo

You can also attach a link to the photo. It is very simple. All you need to do is share a picture on your fan page, and by selecting the option: ‘add a description’, you can place the affiliate link and an accompanying content.

afiliacja na facebooku

Affiliation on Facbeook – affiliate link in the comment and private message

Once again, an example of Marek can be used here:

After publishing that post about the House of Cards series, Marek received a comment from Magda. It sounded like this: I am looking for a birthday present for my brother who is likes fantasy. Could you recommend a series for me? Nothing easier! Maciek went on the website of the store he is a partner of and found an elegant edition of the first season of the Game of Thrones series. He replied to the comment this way: Sure! How about this: https://goo.gl/WWB62K

Marek received a very similar question in a private message. He also recommended this series with a partner link. Sending links through the messenger is not a problem, after all! 🙂

afiliacja na facebooku

In both of those two cases, we are dealing with a situation, where the user himself asks for help and advice. Thus, there can be no question of any intrusive behavior and persuasion to purchase by all means necessary.

Affiliation on Facbeook – summary

Affiliation on Facebook allows you to monetize your online activities without having to have your own website. Moreover, there is a lot of ways to place an affiliate link on your page. However, it is important to keep in mind that, primarily, a fan page should provide attractive content for the followers, so affiliate with caution and in moderation. 🙂

afiliacja na facebooku