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Dawid Tymiński knows how to earn from blogging. He has gone through many stages of personal development, from a blogger, through a YouTube channel, to his own online store.

Dawid diversifies his income as this is the best way to achieve financial stability as a freelancer. He told us about his experiences with affiliation. How to earn from blogging and monetize your online work? Dawid tells it all!

A young resident of Wrocław who convinces more and more men to live the lifestyle he promotes – dandyism. For a few years now he has been working on the Internet. He has been blogging, and running a YouTube channel, earning money as a virtual publisher, and systematically developing his social media channels. The success of the blog and YouTube channel prompted him to write the book “Men’s Wardrobe”. He also set up an online store, where he sells his own products in addition to the book.

We met with David to ask him a few questions about men’s fashion. Most of all though, to listen to him telling it all about blogging, broad online activity, how to earn from blogging and whether affiliation is a good direction in blog monetization.

how to earn from blogging

Have you always been interested in fashion?

I have been interested in fashion for a long time. So, fashion was first, and only later the idea for a men’s fashion blog was born. I am one of the schoolers that had the trouble of wearing uniforms in middle school. It was the then when I started my experiments with fashion. After school, I would go to a larger city for English lessons, and there I could experiment with clothes. The big breakthrough was going to Wrocław to study. Bigger city, much bigger clothing offer. The move also allowed me to take advantage of the so-called streetwear and meet people similar to my interests.

Who do you direct your online activities to?

I provide content on men’s fashion (technical issues, types of clothes, etc.) and men’s lifestyle. Moreover, I try to inspire through photo sessions, stylized and in the form of “Capsule Wardrobe”. I direct my actions mainly to young men who are on the verge of making important life decisions. A wide target is the general public interested in the topics that I am talking about. So, men and women who want to advise their men.

What do you think men’s fashion lacks the most?

When it comes to men’s fashion in our country, I think that the store range is still poor in the so-called low entry threshold. This is the case with shoes, accessories … In fact, with all the clothing. It often happens that my readers write to me that they like a given thing on the blog, but at the beginning they would like it cheaper. They are just not sure if the product will work for them. I am also a supporter of this solution. There is a lack of it on the Polish market, just look at the western border.

Did you know how to make money blogging when you quit law school to start blogging seriously?

I would be lying if I said that I did not know how to earn from blogging. I had previously carried out a thorough market analysis. I assumed from the very beginning that it would be my way of living and earning money. However, I did not think that it would be possible so quickly, and that such a large group

of active recipients would gather around the page. I was lucky that the moment I started my blog was the “last call” when it comes to blogs related to men’s lifestyle and fashion. Today we have a lot more of these blogs. Therefore, it is more difficult to achieve success. It was also important that a large group of male bloggers at that time already earned money on their blogs and I learned from them how to earn from blogging. At the same time, it gave me hope that my plans were real and that I would also be able to monetize the content I create.

How to earn from blogging thanks to direct cooperation with brands and when is it possible?

Collaboration with brands is a model that everyone knows about. Some bloggers are even convinced that this is the only way to earn money on a blog. Paid cooperation with a well-known brand is the dream of most web creators. But before it happens, the creator must gain a large audience and prove to the brand that their actions will significantly affect its good image or sales.

Fortunately, more and more brands see the potential in cooperation with smaller bloggers, but highly specialized in a given topic. Currently, the ranges are not the most important, although they still have to be at a certain level. I would say it needs to be at least a dozen or several dozen thousand users per month. The involvement of the community focused around a given blog and the trust that the blogger has from this community matters too though.

And how to earn from blogging while selling your own products?

I am already at the stage of selling my own products because, as you know, I already have my “child” in the form of the book “Men’s Wardrobe”. This is a book that was born out of all the men’s blogging experience. It is a response to the needs of my readers who largely reflect the market need in this industry. It was thanks to the blog that I was able to find out what men expect from such a publication, what kind of advice and in what form.

But I will not give myself as the best example, because I am just starting my adventure with my own products. I am just trying to follow the example of the best. And in my opinion, the best example at the moment is Ola Budzyńska (Pani Swojego Czasu). Her partner program I have also seen in your network. In a very short time of 3-4 years, Ola built a real empire. She teaches women how to manage their own time. She shares the knowledge she has accumulated over the years about management, but now also about starting and developing an online business. She records paid webinars, audiobooks, publishes courses and training, writes e-books.

Additionally, she has a shop where she sells proprietary products necessary for good time management: planners, calendars, stickers, and even her own coffee (because she runs “coffee with Budzyńska” on her social media every Monday). She has built a very engaged community on Facebook and Instagram. Ola achieves further successes because she works according to a specific plan which she successively implements. Her example shows that selling your own products, and above all digital products, is currently the most profitable source of income for online creators and freelancers.

“How to earn from blogging” is a very popular phrase in the Google search engine. Your blog is a profitable website and one of your main sources of income is affiliate programs. Why do you think this model is good for monetizing your creativity?

In my opinion, affiliate programs are a very good solution, especially for smaller creators. Not only though, because you can start earning on blogging at any time, even with little traffic on the blog. There are no entry thresholds, and you do not have to pay any costs when joining an affiliate cooperation. So, affiliation is good for several reasons. From my point of view, the best thing is that it gives a nice opportunity to incorporate sponsored content into typical content articles. Secondly, it is a great and minimally invasive way to test our community’s response to the fact that we want and start earning money on the blog. I always point out that when the reader buys something on my recommendation, I will earn a certain amount on it. It is very important to be transparent on this topic.

Do not pretend at all costs that you are not promoting products or services for a fee. Not only is it worth saying honestly that our blog is monetized, but also share with your readers what methods and models work with us, and how we earn money on the blog.

Blogging is a job like any other, so creators should be paid for it.

Currently, there are a lot of guides on how to earn from blogging, because there are more and more opportunities. That is why we should not hide it but be open about the principles on which our blog works and earns. If there are any negative comments or questions, it is necessary to truthfully explain why we run a blog and that benefiting from your own creativity is something natural.

Another important advantage of affiliate cooperation is the fact that each party wins in affiliation.

The blogger and the network have a commission. The store sells, and the buyer saves time and often money on their purchases. As part of the affiliate cooperation, advertisers are very eager to provide publishers with discount codes that can be used by users clicking on affiliate links. All the more, it is a good situation for blog readers, because not only do they immediately receive a ready link to the store where you can buy a given product, they also know immediately what the price is and what discount they can get on it. They save not only money but also their time, because they no longer have to dig through the internet to find a given product. It would be a pity to avoid the opportunities offered by affiliation to earn from blogging.

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliation

Personally, I do not hide that I make money on the products I recommend. I even emphasize this fact. Thanks to this, I am transparent and readers who want to support my work are more likely to click on affiliate links.

So, what do you think are the biggest advantages of earning on blogging thanks to affiliation?

  • low entry threshold, or rather the lack of it. All you need is content into which you can insert affiliate links

  • not only bloggers can earn money. All you need is a social media account, so you don’t even need to have your own website

  • high efficiency without financial outlays, you only invest time

  • benefits for all parties involved in this activity

  • the possibility of building passive income

  • testing the sales potential of the community and the opportunity to share the results in front of potential advertisers

We already know how to make money on a blog thanks to affiliation, I know the pros. What about the disadvantages of such a model?

I do not find any serious disadvantages. If we take seriously earning from blogging this way, it is enough to do what we want and be patient. Well, maybe this “patience” is a downside for some people, but to be a blogger you have to be patient. At each stage of blog development, we have to ask ourselves, how we can earn money on the blog at a given moment.

Success does not come overnight. You have to spend at least a few months creating content around which you will start building our own community. The content itself, even if it is very good, is also not enough anymore. The internet is flooded with great content every day. So, you have to be better than others in promoting your own creativity. We also need to take care of social media, which requires a lot of work. Thus, you need to have a clear plan and follow it patiently.

What other methods would you recommend to those who are still unsure how to earn from blogging? Should they choose one model and stick to it? Is it better to diversify your income and earn less, but have a more stable income on each model?

Introduce various ways of earning and test, test, test. We can introduce affiliation at every stage of blogging because there is no entry threshold. Other models, such as paid cooperation with large brands or selling own products, already require reaching a certain level of traffic that we generate. Therefore, subsequent methods of monetization of the content that we publish should be introduced gradually, along with the development of the blog and other channels we run. Of course, the more revenue streams, the better!

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliation

Thank you very much for the interview and tips for our readers. I wish you further success in your Internet creativity and, above all, more original products that will be at least as popular as “Men’s Wardrobe”.

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliation


And if you are interested in the topic, here is a guide on how to earn from blogging using affiliate tools.

How to earn from blogging as a virtual publisher

To work with advertisers and earn money as a publisher, you must first register in an affiliate network.

jak zarabiać na blogu jako wydawca

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliation

After creating a publisher account, you get instant access to all affiliate programs offered by the affiliate network. You can choose the brands (or advertisers) you want to work with and join their affiliate programs. Once approved in the program, you can recommend products of your choice on your blog and earn commissions for each sale generated by your referral.

How to earn from blogging with affiliate links

Affiliate link is the simplest affiliate tool. By recommending products from stores on a blog or on social media through affiliate links, we have a guarantee that we will receive a commission on their sale when the user buys something in the store thanks to our recommendation. To the publisher’s account we count:

  • each click on this link and going to the advertiser’s website
  • actions/ sales that come into effect after clicking on this link
  • commissions on these shares/ sales

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money on a blog. Creating a link takes just a few seconds, and once placed on your website, it never expires or becomes obsolete. Thanks to this, you can earn money for months and years on one link.

How to earn from blogging – practical examples of using affiliate links

How to make money on blog shopping guides

Shopping guides are perfect for the beginning of each season, holidays, special occasions, or the sale time. When creating a guide, you have many options to add affiliate links to the products you compile and recommend. Be sure to only recommend those that you know deserve it. If the list includes products that you have not seen yourself yet, it is worth emphasizing.

That is what Łukasz Podliński, one of the most popular bloggers dealing with men’s fashion, did. In the example below, he showed off some of the most fashionable shirts by adding affiliate links. This way, a reader who is delighted with the model, can start shopping immediately. The reader gained a credible opinion and the blogger had a commission on his purchases.

Examplep;: Męskie koszule modne w sezonie wiosna-lato – Podlinski.net

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliation men's fashion affiliate links

How to make money on blog styling

Styling is another way to use the potential of affiliate links. Offer your readers specific stylizations that can be useful for a special occasion, season, or family celebration. These types of entries work very much like shopping guides. In the post of “Ubieraj się klasycznie”, ladies will find specific ideas on how to match different wardrobe items. This form is perfect for using affiliate links that can be linked to the name of the store, brand, or name of a specific product, which are listed next to the graphics or photos.

Example: 7 inspiracji na wiosnę– Ubieraj Się Klasycznie

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliation using affiliate links

How to earn on blogging tips

Show your readers how they can change their space. Suggest solutions for interior accessories, help to choose colors, give them a hint on how to combine products and… recommend them the best! Ewa from the Mocem blog presented interesting inspirations for arranging a wedding hall. Thanks to affiliate links, future spouses will be able to easily buy appropriate decorations and ornaments.

Example: Lawenda – motyw przewodni wesela – Mocem

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliationm inspirations affiliate links

How to earn on blogging “gift lists”

Something for everyone! Create a gift list for an architect, developer, athlete, or Marvel comic book fan. You will surely help many people in finding the right gift for a loved one! Joanna from the blog Joanna Pachla, presents proposals for cheap Christmas gifts! Such a list will definitely help many people choose a great gift for a loved one. They can immediately go to the store using an affiliate link, and you will earn money on the blog.

Example: 12 pomysłów na tanie prezenty świąteczne. Jak wybrać te najlepsze? – Joanna Pachla

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliation christmas presents ideas

How to earn on blogging discoveries or “the best of…”

Share your latest discoveries with your readers (groceries, gadgets, courses, books – adjust the assortment to the topic of your blog). Ch*jowa Pani Domu is one of the most popular lifestyle bloggers of this type of entry. Adding affiliate links to given books will certainly bring you a lot of transactions, and hence, commission!

Example: Najlepsze książki lipiec 2019 – Ch*jowa Pani Domu

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliation affiliate links to bookstore

These are just a few examples of how to make money blogging with affiliate links. When preparing a blog entry or your social media channels, you can use the above examples and check how they work for you. Remember that in affiliation you are only limited by your own imagination, and there are many ways to match affiliate links with the content!

How to make money on a blog with product widgets

Product widgets have caught on very well in affiliation. Widgets are aesthetic advertising creations that show pictures of selected products in a tiled manner, along with their name and price, and automatically assigned affiliate links to these products. Thanks to this, the affiliate system counts:

  • each click on a product in the widget and going to the advertiser’s website
  • actions and sales that take place by clicking on the widget
  • commissions on these shares and sales to the publisher’s account

Product widgets can be graphically adjusted to the appearance of your own website or blog. You can edit the background color, frames, description, or price. You can show products from one advertiser or from several advertisers in a single widget. They work well on blogs and thematic websites. Widgets can be horizontal and vertical. Most importantly though, they are responsive. This means that they automatically adjust in size to the devices on which they are displayed.

How to earn from blogging – product widgets in practice

Product widgets are generated in the widget generator, in the publisher’s panel, on the basis of xml files provided by advertisers. Ready widgets are displayed on the blog and website constantly, until they are removed from them. If a product disappears from the advertiser’s offer, it also disappears from the xml file. However, thanks to the settings and automatic updating of products in the webePartners database, the removed products are automatically replaced in the widget with other, similar products. At the same time, you can modify your widgets at any time by adding or changing the products to be displayed or modifying the widget style.

An example of using widgets at wikilistka.pl

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliation baby strollers widgets

Widgets attract users’ attention with their attractiveness. Easily integrate them into your blog content. Due to the fact that the appearance of the widget can be graphically adjusted to the website graphics, they are unobtrusive and become an interesting supplement to the presented content.

Widget used at mintyinspirations.pl

How to earn from blogging thanks to affiliation widget white kitchen

How to earn from blogging with discount codes

In affiliation, discount codes are made available by advertisers through the affiliate network. The publisher, after receiving the code, places it on his website, attaching an affiliate link, thanks to which he can be sure that the transaction will be granted to him. In this configuration, everyone benefits – the number of orders increases in the store, customers receive a discount and the publisher receives a commission.