How to make money on widgets?

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

A while ago we showed you how easy it is to generate widgets in the webePartners (click here). Today we will talk about using them!

Where can we use widgets?

We use the widgets on our websites. They are most often used by bloggers and thematic websites, because they can easily present several products, even from different advertisers ; as well as increase the visual appeal of your website. To insert a widget, just copy its code and place it on the page. Widget is a script, so we can not use it on social media profiles, like Facebook or Instagram.

Widgets vs banners

Widgets have a big advantage over another graphical affiliate tool, ie banners. Banners are prepared by advertisers and their visual layer might not appeal to every publisher, e.g. due to the incompatibility with the color page. The widget, from the beginning to the end, is created by the publisher himself, freely generating its appearance. Often times, pages are overloaded with banner creations presenting the offer of various stores. With the help of widgets, we can reduce them to one place. This is best illustrated by the following example:

Kate runs a fashion blog, putting on it banners of various affiliate programs offering dresses, each graphic looks different and they are not consistent with the look of the page. The blogger decides to change the concept and generates a widget in which all the most beautiful (in her opinion) products are found. She adjusts its appearance appropriately, so that it looks good on her website. Thanks to this, she can opt out of a large number of banners and condense their content to one, visually appealing graphic.
Kate’s example shows the advantage, which the widgets have over traditional banners. Thanks to them, we will maintain the consistency of our blog or website. This form of presenting a store offer will also make users more willing to click on it.

widget wikilistka wózki dla dzieci

Making money on widgets

While generating a widget and adding products to it (even from different advertisers), we do not have to worry about adding partner links to them. The finished widget includes in its script links to all component products without having to generate them. So we can be sure that after clicking on any picture and shopping, the transaction will be credited to our account.

Aesthetically prepared widgets will surely encourage users to check out a specific product or store. They are much more visually attractive than banners or regular affiliate links and may seem to be an integral part of the site. What is equally important, the widgets can be freely modified and adapted to the prevailing trends and requirements of users.

In summary, why is it worth to use widgets?

  • it is very easy to create them, thanks to the intuitive widget generator
  •  you can choose the size of the widget and the number of products presented
  •  in one widget you can present the products of one or several advertisers
  •  products can be combined thematically, in color, in price, seasonally and in many other ways
  •  you can easily integrate them into a blog or service, matching your own color
  •  they are aesthetic and non-intrusive but at the same time they attract attention, thanks to which they are eagerly clicked (and that is what it is all about)
  •  they are easy to modify and update when we change the look of a blog or website


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