Affiliation on Snapchat and Pinterest

Data aktualizacji: 28.03.2023

A while ago we talked about affiliating by using Instagram and Youtube, this time we will learn the perks of two other types of social media, namely Snapchat and Pinterest.

A few words about Snapchat…

Snapchat is currently one of the most popular social media channels, especially among the youngsters – ages 16-21. Thus, it can be an excellent channel to reach those users with the advertiser’s products.

Snap is an application that is growing in interest more and more. According to the SnapCenter study, over one million of its users have arrived in the course of one year! Such a large increase could not escape the attention of brands that began using it to promote their products.

How to affiliate on Snapchat?

Affiliation methods are a bit like those offered by Instagram, but they are much easier to use. After taking a photo, we can mark the product with a partner link, and when someone plays our snapshot, they can easily switch to the advertiser’s website.

If we have added a good affiliate link, then the order will be credited to our account.

When it comes to Snapchat, we can also use the My Story tool for the partner links, which, unlike the Instagram counterpart, does not require a certain number of followers.

We can also add a link to the video, then by moving up the finger, our users will be transferred to the appropriate page.

A good idea for using Snapchat for affiliation is, for example, sending a discount code and affiliate link together, so that the followers know about the promotion and can immediately use it.

Remember that not all products will be successfully promoted on Snap. It is used mainly by young people, who will not necessarily be interested in the sale of garden furniture or baby clothes. 🙂

It’s time for Pinterest!

Pinterest offers great opportunities when it comes to affiliation. It is more of an ‘industry’ medium, rather than social media, i.e. its social value is at a lower level than on Facebook or Snapchat.

The functionality of Pinterest is based on creating thematic tables, on which we place appropriate pins, i.e. links to various types of content drawn from websites. It can be, for example, a board called: Winter Jackets, where we add pins with various products in this category. Often times, it is used by the sites related to interior design or even the culinary ones.

Of course, we can also add our own pictures to our boards.

Affiliation on Pinterest

It is not a difficult art, all it takes is to describe each pin on the board with a partner link. Thanks to that, the users will be able to immediately go to the appropriate page. This is a very good solution, because on the board we can put any number of pins, so we are sure that every user will find something for themselves.

By linking to different products in the same category, we can of course add affiliate links from many stores, instead of focusing only on the promotion of one.

Currently, affiliate activities on Pinterest are much easier from the desktop level than the mobile one, because the portal may have a problem with adding an affiliate link via a smartphone.

At the end

Snapchat and Pinterest are other examples of social media sites that can enable affiliate activities. However, before you begin using any of them, remember to consider, which one to choose for the promotion of specific products and which target group you want to reach. If you do that first, it will be easier to achieve the intended benefits. 🙂

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