Where to get graphics for our entries?

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

When preparing a text for a blog, it’s worth decorating it with graphics, especially if it’s longer than usual. Below are some graphic sources, which you can legally use!

What you always have to remember

The Internet is a place where users place many different contents. The vast majority of them is protected by copyright, so you can not use them without the prior consent of the author. You can learn more about this issue here. Therefore, you should not use, for example, accidental photos from Google Graphics in your post. Before you decide to publish your entry, always make sure you can use the given graphics. It’s better to avoid unpleasantness in advance!

How about your own work?

This is definitely the safest solution. Before you start looking for the right picture, think about whether you can not prepare it yourself. Taking a photo with a smartphone does not require any extraordinary photographic skills! After all, you can take advantage of many photo processing programs, such as VSCO, which can do real miracles, and their handling is a child’s play. Even poor-quality photos can be “salvaged” this way!

Using simple tools, we can easily improve our photos!

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to prepare graphics for your own entry, it is worth using!

Well, there always is a stock!

Of course, it often happens that we are not able to create a picture or image that would match our entry, then we must use other sources.

Stocks, or pages with graphics, to which we can acquire rights for a fee, are wildly popular. Many times, we do not realize how often we watch them on posters, in advertisements, Facebook posts or the newspaper covers. Many stock photos began to live their own lives and function as memes, and their characters made themselves feel at home in social media contents.

However, jokes aside, because the use of such graphics is not allowed without buying a license! Each stock photograph contains a watermark, meaning that it can not be legally used for own activities.

We do not use stock photos in this form!
Popular photo websites, such as Shutterstock, are not the cheapest. That is why they are mainly used by large companies that purchase an appropriate subscription. It is, therefore, worth knowing a few other ways to get visually appealing graphics without high fees!

Stock for free?

Fortunately, for Internet users, there are many portals that operate on the principle of stock, but the graphics from their base can be downloaded at no charge! The choice is, admittedly, a bit more limited than with paid platforms, but if you look well, you will definitely find something interesting!
Pexel is an example of a free stock!

On the internet, we can find many of these types of websites that offer high-quality graphics. The most popular are: Unsplash, StockSnap, Pixabay or the above-mentioned Pexels. By using these portals, you do not have to worry about copyright or paid licenses, and download the photos without restrictions!

Well, and what about the Google Graphics?

Exactly! This is the first place we look at to find interesting pictures or photos. However, it should be remembered that in google collections there are various files, including those protected by copyright, so it is worth to be especially careful.

Fortunately, Google has made it easy for those, who need free graphics and created a very useful option, which will definitely be useful to every internet user! All you have to do is use advanced image search!

Thanks to advanced search we can be sure that we can use a specific image

But what do the options mean?

For free use or to share – we can use and share content, but in an unchanged form.

For free use, share or modify – we can use and share content, and change them in the manner specified in the license.

For commercial use – choose this option if you want to use the content for commercial purposes.


Not all graphics available on the internet can be used. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get free photos that will decorate blog entries. We also encourage your own creativity – fun programs and applications, can also bring satisfying results!


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