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Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

We have already discussed the way, in which the partner links or banners work. It’s time to get to know the next essential publisher tool – XML files.

What is an XML file?

XML is simply an abbreviation of Extensible Markup Language. This online document has many uses, but we will focus on its essential significance in the affiliate activities. In the XML file, advertisers place their entire range of products together with prices and the specifications. If, for example, we consider a shop with dresses, then the XML should contain all products along with descriptions and photos, sizes, color variants and prices. Those files are used most often by discount websites and product search engines.

How to create an XML file?

To generate an XML file, log in to the publisher’s panel and select the XML files in the Tools tab. We can generate files for the whole assortment of the store or selected category there.

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First, we give it the right name, then we choose the scheme, and we can also match it to the appropriate campaign. Selecting the Automatically add categories to XML option means that all sub-categories assigned to the superior category will appear in XML automatically. Then just select the program for which you want to generate such a file and select a category and sub-category from it. For example, we choose online bookshops, where the main category will be crime novels, and subcategory – Scandinavian detective stories. Then, we can be sure that only such products will be in our file. After all that, just click the Generate Link button and you’re done! Such link, we can download and put on your website.

The use of XML files

First of all, thanks to XML files, we can present our offer to our users. As we mentioned earlier, they are mainly used by various types of price comparison engines or product finders. It is thanks to them that we can find the laptop that interests us at the most attractive price or browse through many books to choose something suitable for a gift. Remember that to be able to use this type of files fully, you need to know the basics of creating websites or have a specialist in the team, who deals with such issues. In XML, there is often a lot of data, so the way they are presented should be as readable and attractive to users as possible.

What characterizes XML files?

Here are some of the most important information that you should keep in mind:

– XML ​​files are updated once a day, so the offer that is in them should always be valid
– thanks to this, there is no need to generate a new link every time
– every store integrated with our network is required to provide a current and working XML file
– all irregularities can be reported to: bok@webepartners.pl

At the end

Apart from partner links and banners, XML files are one of the most important tools for affiliate activities. It is also the most complicated, because it requires at least minimal knowledge of programming or creating pages. Therefore, remember that you can always contact us in case of errors and ambiguities. We are always happy to help you solve your problems and doubts!

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