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What is affiliation marketing?

There are numerous ways to get to new customers. Of course some of them bring results, and the effects of others are slightly worse. Eventually, the target of undertaken promotional actions is always similar – to strengthen recognizability of the brand and increase the level of sale of products or services.

Affiliation marketing is a technique of Internet marketing, enabling independent cooperation between advertisers and publishers, where an advertiser, through an affiliation network, delegates marketing actions to publishers, who perform them via their websites. This cooperation takes place on the basis of effectiveness models, which means that the publishers gets paid for their actions, when they lead to a previously agreed actions: sales in the store, filling in a form, registration on the web site, etc.

Affiliation marketing is characterized with a high level of effectiveness, as one of the main principles that it exercises is behavioral targeting. To put it shortly, it is advertising products or services on websites, which are thematically correspondents to a given product or services. According to that principle, advertisements of clothes shops are published on fashion blogs and social websites focused on this topic. Bank advertisements are placed on financial and informative websites, and ads of products for children on pages for parents.

As shown by results of numerous marketing analyses, affiliation is one of the effective ways to diversify advertising actions. The essence of this form is posed by long-lasting actions, especially when it comes to sales of products (the Cost Per Sale model), which in a perspective of long- standing cooperation result in a continuously growing network of loyal publishers and increasing income from sales.

What we do is develop permanent relationships between Advertisers and Publishers,
with the same aim - to achieve e-business success


the most extensive affiliation network
dedicated to e-commerce

WebePartners is the most extensive affiliation network dedicated to e-commerce in Poland. Cooperation with hundreds of advertisers offering products and services from numerous categories, allowed us to develop a digitalized wholesale outlet, which stores data on products sold on the Internet.

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We will provide you with access to original tools that support marketing campaigns, helping the publishers and advertisers to increase their profits.

Our technologies are being constantly improved. We constantly follow current trends, equipping our Publishers with latests solutions that allow to achieve high lvels of conversion

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the first program started in 2009. Since then, we have operated more than 500 long-standing campaigns.


an innovative tracking technology, which guarantees tightness of the tracked sales


we provide the highest quality service and access to cutting-edge technologies


the best advertisers, the most extensive database of Polish partnership programs


campaigns realized in CPS and CPL models


Reliable sales tracking WebeP1, version 5.0, also on mobile devices


original Webe tools supporting sales and achievement of high conversion levels


innovative technologies dedicated for e-commerce


technologies that recover sales conversions, re-targeting and re-marketing


we can integrate with shopping platforms quickly

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