Answering the most common questions about affiliation

Data aktualizacji: 28.03.2023

Would you like to start earning money on your online business, but do not know, where to start? You can try affiliation stright away!

Here we introduce a short guide, which will certainly help you navigate the world of affiliation.

What affiliation really is?

It is obvious that not everyone has heard about the affiliation yet. However, it is nothing more than recommending something, and – if we achieved a specific effect thanks to that (we will discuss it later), we will receive a commision fee. Correct results are possible thanks to giving our unique number to the links in which we recommend a given product or service. The most common model of affiliation is where we recommend the product and get a certain percentage of the purchase. Companies create such programs, because it is one of the most effective sales methods – it does not require a large amount of advertising, and the commission is paid only when they earn on the sale of a given product.


Affiliation is a great way to earn money without having to make your own financial contribution. Almost everything depends solely on you!

How much can I earn on affiliation?

It is difficult to unequivocally estimate the profit that you can get. It all depends solely on your creativity / community / trust that those people, who you recommend the products or services, give you.

CPC/CPS/CPL, what does it actually mean?

These are remuneration models in affiliate networks. Below are their short characteristics:

CPC (cost per click) – getting paid for clicks. The publisher receives a commission for just clicking, not making a transaction.
CPL (cost per lead) – receiving a commision for completing a specific goal. It may be, for example, persuading someone to leave their contact details, setting up a bank account … There is a lot of options, but the fact is that it requires a specific action unrelated to spending money. This model is used by companies offering services, not products.
CPS (cost per sale) – if a purchase is made from your recommendation, you get paid. This is the most common settlement model in affiliate networks.

What conditions must be met to join the network?

Registration in our network is completely free. If you are of legal age, then when registering at webePartners, you confirm the terms and conditions and do not sign anything,  just create an account and start promoting selected affiliate programs!

The situation in the case of minors is slightly more complicated. From the legal point of view, they do not have the capacity to perform legal acts, i.e. they can not independently sign contracts that are aimed at obtaining material benefits – thus they can not issue bills. Registration in the affiliate network and joining the affiliate program does not yet require the consent of the parent or legal guardian, but the payment is made on the basis of an invoice, which an underage person can not issue alone. At the time of payment of earned funds, the parent or legal guardian issues an invoice on their data and indicates the bank account to which the earned funds are to be transferred.

Registration in our network is completely free.

Do I have to actively participate in the network immediately after registration?

Not at all! It is up to you, how much you get involved in a promotion of the selected programs, and the relationship between you and our affiliate network is based on a partnership. We create a system, we find companies that you can recommend and we take care of billing. In return, we will receive part of the remuneration from your effective recommendation. Our commission is charged only when you make money with us, which is why there are no financial obligations.

How do I check if someone has made a purchase thanks to my recommendation?

By generating an affiliate link in our system, you will receive a unique address, thanks to which we can track, where the given transaction comes from. When someone uses your link, it will be visible in the system.


Will I get a commission if someone clicks on the link, but will not finish the transaction?

We realize that many customers do not decide to buy immediately. It is often a matter of a few days or even weeks. For this reason, in the ‘cookies’ in the browser’s settings of the potential customer, an information that they were redirected by your unique link gets saved. Settings are usually saved for a period of 30 days. However, if the customer clicks on another link that will ultimately lead to the purchase, then the commission will be charged to the person, who generated said link, in accordance with the last-click-wins rule.


Will the transaction be counted if someone started shopping on a home computer and finalized it, e.g. at work?

No, because cookies will be stored on the home computer, not the work one. The cookies are determined by the device, not the user. The condition for a transaction to be counted by the tracking system is transitioning from the affiliate link and completing the transaction on the same device.

Can I shop from my affiliate links myself?

Of course, in this way you can save money by regaining part of the amount in commission.

Why should I use the affiliate network, when I can promote products directly from the advertiser’s page?

A recommendation within an affiliate network provides the following benefits:

+ Faster collection of funds for withdrawal

+ You receive up-to-date information about special actions, rebates and rebate codes provided by advertisers

+ You have an access to detailed statistics, which allows you to analyze and optimize your activities

+ The presence of an affiliate manager who will always be happy to help you set up your campaign or tell you what, where and when to promote

+ You have everything in one place. You settle your income in our system (which saves you time) and you do not have to remember where else you have an account

+ Not all companies run their own affiliate program and you can use it only through an affiliate network

+ All tools can be found in one place, you can use them freely on your platforms. These are, for example: affiliate link, product widget, banner and xml files (if you plan to create a more extensive service recommending various products).

How will I check the effects of my actions?

Always, after logging into our panel, you have an access to detailed, up-to-date data. It is worth to keep up with it, in order to get in touch quickly in case of any irregularities.

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