Tl;dr, does this rule really apply?

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

Tl; dr, i.e.: just too long didn’t read, is a very popular online shortcut that stands in opposition to long and demanding content. But, are we really at odds with reading longer texts online?

Does the length matter?

In times of social media, memes, gifs or short videos, we often do not realize how much we have impoverished our message. Although, at first glance, it seems to us that we can make whole clue statements in a single sentence or graphics, often it is not a sufficient medium.

The length of the texts is a contentious issue and many people dealing with content marketing can not unambiguously state how spacious the ideal text should be. Everything, however, depends on the specifics of our communication in the network and how we choose to conduct it.

In the case of Janina Daily, tl;dr seems to not apply
You can create longer content as much as possible, if, of course, our readers are used to it. At first glance, it would seem that Facebook is not a place to make long stories, but, for example, long entries by Janina Daily generate large ranges and engage her fans into a discussion.
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Long content can also be of interest to readers!

Coming back to the question we asked at the beginning, length matters, because it must be compatible with the type of content that we provide to readers. A fan page with funny pictures of cats won’t probably provide us with intricate stories and … that is very good! Because its users do not go there to find out about the author’s life, while they are on their way to work. 🙂

Volume and quality

Even the longest text can interest the reader, if it is valuable and interesting. Long articles or entries, if they are well-thought-out and clearly written, certainly have a greater value for a brief presentation of the issue. By creating more extensive content, we devote more work and attention to it, which can contribute to greater readers’ interest. They can recognize us as experts in a given field and trust the content we provide.

Of course, this does not mean that shorter texts can not interest users! On the contrary! It is also worth remembering that creating a smaller volume of content is also a difficult task, because then we have to convey the entire clue in just a few sentences, so that the meaning and context of our message does not suffer.

tl;dr janina daily webe partners
Relevant information can sometimes be provided in just a few sentences!

It should be remembered that – despite what is commonly believed, the length of the text is not the most important, but its quality! You can create interesting, substantive content in both ten and a hundred sentences. The reader is easily offended not only by its size, but also by insufficient exhaustion of the topic!

When do the readers say: tl;dr?

There is no one answer because everything depends on several factors, including how much time the reader has to read it, in what situation they are currently located, or whether the content requires concentration from them. In the morning, when we go to work by bus with headphones in our ears, we will rather not read an article about the biggest mistakes we make in our diet.

Often, we are discouraged by the same call to action, the need to change the page (read on) or expand the text, for example on Facebook (see more). We do not like adding extra activities, which is why we often let go of reading when we see that some activity is required from us.

Can we avoid the tl;dr?

Too long, did not read is a completely natural behavior for the readers, so we can not completely eliminate it. However, it is worth using the following tips:

– try to adapt the length of the text to your readers, you will surely feel that it is more attractive to them

– if you create a more comprehensive entry, remember about the paragraphs and graphics between them, to make them more attractive to readers

– shorter texts can also have a substantive value, remember – it is not about the quantity, but the quality!

– even longer content can be optimized. Avoid long, complex sentences, do not overdo it with professional terminology, make sure that everyone can understand the given issue

If you give it a wonder if your communication content is attractive to readers, do not be afraid to ask them! After all, who asks is not going astray! 🙂