Does affiliation without a blog or a portal make sense?

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

This question is being asked by a lot of people who would like to start their adventure with affiliation. In this post, we will take a closer look at whether it is worth carrying out affiliate activities without your own blog or thematic website.

Why not try?

Exactly! There are plenty of ways to affiliate, and joining affiliate programs and generating links to products does not require a financial contribution. Even if you want to send a shopping offer to your friends, there is a chance that they will use your recommendation. Therefore, it is always worth a try, because it costs nothing, and the results can turn out to be a very positive surprise.

If not a blog, then what?

There are plenty of opportunities out there. If you run a fanpage on Facebook or an Instagram account, you can place affiliate links there! It is entirely up to you, whatever way you choose to recommend products to your fans or followers. It can be accompanied by any suitable graphics, added in a comment or sent in a private message. A lot of people have completely moved with their affiliate activities to social media, because they often have a larger fan base there than on a blog or website. Of course, we are talking about different channels. Apart from Facebook or Instagram, affiliation works perfectly on Youtube or Snapchat too.

What to avoid?

Let’s suppose, you have a Facebook fanpage that has gathered several thousand fans and you want to start affiliate activities on it. First of all, you must remember that it is not created for monetization, but it is a platform for communication with your fans. If you flood your profile with advertising materials, they can turn away from you. After all, nobody likes to fell forced to buy. Besides, remember about the consistency between your current activity and advertising content. A complete change of concept from day to day, is not the best idea, because it can discourage users. You can find out about other errors that you should avoid here.

Does it pay off?

Yes, if affiliate activities are well thought out and carried out systematically. With a properly selected strategy, depending on the number of active users and their involvement, affiliation conducted outside the standard form of a blog or service, brings measurable profits.

Let’s see, how our publishers are doing it!

afiliacja bez bloga
You can add affiliate links on Youtube as well!

The idea of ​​Robert Nawrowski, who evaluates specific products in his films and, by the way, gives his subscribers an opportunity to purchase them, thanks to the added affiliate links, proved to be a success. Thanks to substantive content, he has already collected over 70,000 subscribers, which shows how important his opinions on the latest technology are to the users.

But filming is just one of the ways to affiliate without a blog! Affiliate links are great on Facebook too.

Justyna has been our publisher for a long time and actively leads a few fan pages. On one of them, under the name: Nutrients and dietary supplements, she actively recommends specific products. Her posts are extremely professional, so that users can learn a lot of useful information about individual supplements and immediately find a place on the web where they can buy them at an attractive price. Similarly, Karina Mrozicka, who is professionally involved in stylization, works on Facebook. She creates effective product combinations, and – in the description of posts – she places affiliate links to the presented products.

linki partnerskie na facebooku
Specific products can also be recommended on Facebook!

When you are acting as an authority for your users, the success will certainly come easier. Therefore, remember that you should always think about what you can do for them, and not how they are to help you. Starting from this assumption, for sure, it will be easier to get good results.

To summarize

If you do not have a blog or service, you can start affiliating with:

afiliacja wykonane  Facebook

afiliacja wykonane  Instagram

afiliacja wykonane  Snapchat

afiliacja wykonane  YouTube

afiliacja wykonane  Communicators (Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, mail)

Each channel has a different specificity, so remember to carefully think about what advertising strategy to use. We also encourage you to test several different portals, so you can check, where the affiliation pays the most. Above all, however, remember that the more you get involved in the development of your social media, the easier it will be for you to use them later in promotional activities.


afiliacja bez bloga