Working online – 10 reasons why you should become an affiliate publisher

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

Affiliate publisher – there are many reasons to start working in an affiliation, but we present the 10 most important ones.

The fact that earning money via the Internet is possible for everyone is not only described on our blog. We prove it every day by working with large and small bloggers and social media users. Today we will focus on the perks of online work and becoming an affiliate publisher.

Thanks to online work, we can pursue our passions in the offline world. Conversely, a full-time job often gives us the opportunity to pursue our creative passions on the Internet. Anyone who works online knows how much effort and time it requires. Many areas of your life and skills need to be engaged to get the results. Therefore, it is very important to realize that affiliation allows us to monetize any type of internet creation. Despite the size of our online presence.

In previous entries we wrote about who can become a publisher. Also, about how to choose affiliate programs to earn the best possible money as a virtual publisher. Now we want to focus on why becoming an affiliate publisher is the fastest way to monetize your online work. The most important – what are the benefits it brings.

Here are 10 reasons why you should start your affiliate journey and become an affiliate publisher!

1. Affiliate publisher – online work with no entry threshold – you do not incur any costs

The first association with “online work” is usually an “online store”. Immediately before our eyes we have the enormity of challenges that must be taken to be able to sell online in this form. It is also impossible to open an online store without the appropriate amount of money. We have to consider the costs of launching the store system itself, investing in the products we want to sell and online advertising.

Another way to earn money online is barter or paid cooperation with famous brands. But in this case, too, we must first take care of the reach of our media in order to be able to approach conversations with brands. So first we have to invest a lot of time, and hence money, in reaching the required thresholds. Most of them have many conditions to be met in order to be able to profit from them. Most, but not affiliation 🙂

There is no cost to become an affiliate publisher and work online for advertisers in affiliate programs. Registrations in the affiliate network and joining affiliate programs for publishers have always been, is and will be free. Similarly, with affiliate tools such as affiliate links, product widgets or xml files. The use of these tools in cooperation with affiliate networks is always free for publishers.

Why does an affiliate publisher not have to pay to participate in the affiliate network?

An affiliate publisher always has free access to marketing tools within the affiliate network, because the most important thing for the network and for advertisers is to cooperate with publishers in the long term. The cooperation can systematically develop then, even if it does not bring tangible benefits to anyone at the beginning. Charging publishers with the costs of using affiliate tools would prevent most of them from starting cooperation at all or ending it quickly. Thanks to free access to the full possibilities, affiliate publishers can easily test which affiliate tools are the most optimal for them. Also, which they like the most, which surfaces or online media convert best. Most of all though, which advertiser brings them the most earnings.

affiliate publisher

2. Affiliate publisher – online job that you can start even with small reach

In classic internet marketing and influencer marketing, reach is a condition for starting cooperation with larger or even smaller brands, where we get a guaranteed amount for carrying out specific promotional activities. These are the first values ​​that advertisers analyze before starting cooperation with a publisher. However, to become an affiliate publisher, you do not need to meet such requirements. At the very beginning of your blogging journey, running a social media channel or thematic website, you can register in the affiliate network as a publisher and start working in affiliate programs. In fact, the sooner you start your journey as an affiliate publisher, the sooner you start earning money by working online.

When registering as a publisher in the affiliate network, you must provide your fields of activity on the Internet (website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), but you do not have to immediately guarantee any reach.

It’s important that your pages are valuable, have good content, and the rest will come over time. Starting early as an affiliate publisher, you’ll be able to test the capabilities of affiliate tools and your audience’s reactions to individual ad creations with confidence. Very often, the features and capabilities of affiliate tools affect how we build our website, how we ultimately want to provide our recipients with advertising content that will help monetize online work.

There is one more very important point. Working online as an affiliate publisher does not require a blog or thematic website. All you need is a YouTube channel, Facebook account or Instagram. Of course, affiliate cooperation gives different possibilities depending on the medium you use, but the principle of placing affiliate links is the same in every case. You can also send links using instant messaging such as Skype or WhatsApp, or even via email! As you can see, you don’t have to be a recognized blogger for your online work to bring tangible benefits. Every internet user can benefit from being an affiliate publisher. Don’t worry about small reach. If you spend time developing your activities and channels, this won’t be a problem! Start by recommending products to family and friends! Success consists of small steps!

3. Affiliate publisher – online work with large and recognized brands without the need to sign contracts

The advantage of working as a publisher on the affiliate network is not only the fact that you have free access to affiliate tools, but also access to hundreds of affiliate programs that you can join with one click. What does it mean? That after registering in the network, during which you accept the terms of cooperation with the affiliate network, you can cooperate with the stores, brands and services offered there, without the need to sign direct contracts. The only condition for participation in the program is to accept the conditions offered in a given affiliate program, i.e., the value of the CPS or CPL rate remuneration), the lifetime of cookies (always at least 30 days), and prohibited keywords, i.e., words and phrases that cannot be use in paid marketing systems.

When you accept the terms of the affiliate programs you choose, you will be able to work with brands that, for some reason, you cannot directly. Very often, brands such as Orsay, Pakamera, TaniaKsiążka or BonPrix do not cooperate directly with publishers, but only through advertising agencies or affiliate networks. Therefore, if you have a dream brand that you want to work with, but you do not feel up to submitting directly to it, check if it is not available in any of the affiliate networks.

4. Affiliate publisher – online work for any niche

Regardless of the topic of your online activities, in an affiliate network such as webePartners you will definitely find programs that will correspond to your topic. Why? Because we offer nearly 400 online store affiliate programs (and more than that), offering products from hundreds of product categories.

Affiliate programs are divided into 19 categories, such as: fashion, home and garden, health and beauty, children, electronics, gadgets, book-music-movies, jewelry and watches, delicatessen, weapons and military, sports and recreation, loans and finance, training, services, eroticism, automotive, urban architecture, office and company, multi-sector.

In the webePartners database, we have almost 3 million products ready to be recommended online. So, there is no possibility that even if you operate in the largest niche, you will not find a product that you could earn by recommending.

affiliate publisher
Affiliate networks offer from a few to several hundred affiliate programs.

5. Affiliate publisher – online work with the use of affiliate tools

Counting the traffic and transactions generated by the affiliate publisher is possible thanks to the affiliate links that are embedded in each ad downloaded from the affiliate network. Therefore, it can be said that affiliation is mainly based on affiliate links.

At the same time, the affiliate link is the basic and simplest affiliate tool. More specifically, it is a unique URL to any advertiser‘s website, which – when processed in the affiliate system – becomes an affiliate link, where the publisher‘s unique ID is encrypted. Thanks to this, the affiliate system counts:

  • each click on this link and transfer to the advertiser’s website
  • actions and sales that result from clicking on this link
  • commissions on these shares and sales to the publisher’s account

affiliate publisher
An example of attaching an affiliate link to a button on a blog. Click on the image and you will also be redirected via an affiliate link.

The second affiliate tool is the product widget. A very graceful tool that allows you to create your own dynamic creation. Product widget that presents photos of selected products in a tiled manner, along with their name and price, and automatically assigned affiliate links to these products.

Thanks to this, just like in an affiliate link, the affiliate system counts:

  • each click on a product in the widget and transfer to the advertiser’s website
  • actions and sales resulting from clicking on the widget
  • commissions from these actions and sales to the publisher’s account

The third tool are xml files (datafeed). An xml file is a text file that is used to transfer data in a structured way, so that the same file can be used by various platforms. XML files contain information about products available in the online store: product photos, their names, prices, specifications, and detailed descriptions. It is an advanced tool, intended for such internet systems as search engines or product comparison engines.

The fourth tool are your typical banners. A graphic advertising promoting a website or product, containing an affiliate link to that website or product. It is still a very popular affiliate tool, it works especially well during promotional, discount and sale campaigns.

And the last tool of discount codes! Affiliate publishers have access to discount codes on the affiliate platform that are provided by advertisers. Publishers can publish them on their websites or social media channels. Thanks to this, their recipients gain double value: direct links to recommended products and an immediate discount 🙂

Remember that in all matters related to the tools and other functionalities of the affiliate network, you can always count on the support of the affiliate manager. Affiliation is an online job where you are not left alone and you will always get help.

6. Affiliate publisher – the image of an expert as the currency of online work

When implementing an online project, writing a blog, or running a thematic website, as well as in social media activities within a specific topic, there comes a moment when you start sharing your knowledge. The more knowledge and value you share, from the perspective of your audience, the more willing they are to listen to you. With such activities, you build the position of an expert. As an expert, you build trust among your users, and nowadays it is the most valuable currency. Once you achieve a high level of trust among your audience, you won’t have to “sell” anything to them or force them to buy anything to monetize your online work. It is enough for you to share reliable knowledge about specific, proven products or offers, and your recipients will surely benefit from your knowledge and will be willing to finalize transactions based on your recommendations.

The best example of such a blog development and building the position of an expert in the field of finance, and then huge trust among his recipients, is Michał Szafrański, the author of the blog “How to earn money”.

If you want to build an expert position and earn long-term earnings from working online, it is very important what you ultimately recommend. The best and safest option is to recommend proven products or those that you are sure are worth recommending. Then you can be sure that your viewers/ readers/ followers will tell their family and friends that it is worth trusting you and then you will increase your group of readers or followers. The most important thing is to choose the right products for your affiliate activities. You can always use the help of an affiliate manager and get products from the advertiser to test to make sure they are really worth recommending. Remember that you can also test all the tools available on the affiliate network, there are no restrictions here!

7. Affiliate publisher – any platform is good for online work

A blog, Youtube channel, Facebook fanpage, Instagram profile as well as Pinterest, Snapchat, Messenger, mail and any medium where you can post your content with active redirect links is good! As an affiliate publisher, you have the opportunity to earn money in multiple places at the same time. If there are limitations, it’s only technological (no possibility of pasting an active link), besides, you are only limited by your imagination. It is worth testing different pages and mediums, ways of presenting promotional content, and then analyzing the results.

Remember, when working online as an affiliate publisher you are not charged when the activities are not effective. The advertiser or the network never impose on the publishers a method of action, the time to start any activities and commitment. You can cooperate in partner programs very actively or to a small extent.

There is only one condition, activities must be aimed at helping the advertiser achieve better and better results, supporting their sales and promoting the brand. It is forbidden to spam and act to the detriment of the advertiser. And if there are any doubts about your actions on the part of the advertiser or the affiliate network, you will be surely notified. Adapting to any advertiser’s suggestions will certainly not end the cooperation. On the contrary, it will serve its further development, because this is what affiliation is all about.

8. Online work – the decision is up to the affiliate publisher

As an affiliate publisher, you have a lot of independence in your actions. You decide which programs you want to promote when you start or end cooperation. You are also free as to the time you devote to it. By testing various tools and various affiliate programs, you come to the point when you already know which programs are the most profitable for you. Therefore, you have the option of terminating at any time activities in those programs that do not bring tangible benefits.

So, you can stop publishing affiliate links or widgets for specific advertisers at any time. What’s more, you can remove any links and other creations that you’ve collaborated with in the programs so far. But think first if it’s worth it. Affiliate links and other creations have no expiry date. This means that as long as they remain active on your platform, they will work for you. Even if you stop further activities under the affiliate program, any commissions will continue to be added to your publisher account in the affiliate system. Therefore, the decision to permanently remove affiliate links should always be carefully thought over.

9. Affiliate publisher – online work that does not require running a business

Anyone can become an affiliate publisher! You do not need to have knowledge in the field of creating websites, advanced technological facilities or a dynamic team of affiliate specialists. Most publishers are great alone, using ready-made and free technologies such as wordpress (when talking about a blog), YouTube (when talking about video content) or Facebook and Instagram (when talking about social media). Moreover, no business is required to operate and earn money as an affiliate publisher.

For people who do not run a business, affiliate networks provide the generation of bills in the affiliate system, on the basis of which the earned funds are paid out. The withdrawal of funds is always made by transfer to the account number provided by the publisher. So, you do not need to have a registered business. The only requirement is to have a bank account.

If  you are still an affiliate publisher before the first payout, you will surely be interested in the entry: First commission payout step by step.

10. Affiliate publisher – online work that doesn’t limit you

Registration in the selected affiliate network does not close the way to the undertaking of other projects and cooperation. Most publishers work with two, three or even more affiliate networks. At the same time, publishers cooperate directly with other companies, and even sell their own original products. And that’s the biggest advantage of working online as an affiliate publisher. You have complete freedom to grow your online business. As an affiliate publisher, you are not bound by any agreements that restrict your other projects in any way. Unfortunately, this happens most often when you start working directly with a brand. Restrictions may appear here that will block some activities for a while.

Affiliation does not exclude any other form of cooperation apart from the affiliate network. You can have contracts with various stores or services, receive barter or create sponsored content. You are free to undertake other paid collaborations. Affiliate cooperation can therefore be a good way to generate a major source of income or a great alternative if you have an idea to generate income that will accrue “on the side” of your main business.

An affiliate publisher is a unique online job!

If you had doubts whether online work is for you, we hope we have resolved them with this post!

Remember that affiliation can be a great alternative for extra income. It can also help you make a living out of your online business. It is an excellent choice for many reasons. First, no one controls your online work, you spend as much time as you want. Second, you don’t need to have technical knowledge or professional services. Also, you can always count on the help of an affiliate manager. Try it, it’s free! 🙂

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