Online publisher – how to earn more with affiliation?

Data aktualizacji: 28.03.2022

How to monetize traffic and become a valuable online publisher that advertisers are striving for? Here are some basic information and proven pro-tips on how to earn money online.

Earning money on the Internet has been possible for almost 30 years in the world. The first online publishers appeared in the United States in the 1990s. Currently in the US more than 80% of brands earn through affiliation with online publishers. This sales channel is developing dynamically all over the world. Thanks to the spread of the Internet, virtually any online user can become an online publisher. The first affiliate advertisers in Poland started to appear only after 2000. Even though, this model of earning money via Internet has already gained tens of thousands of followers in Poland.

It is important to note that online publishers contribute not only to the development of affiliate marketing, but to the development of all kinds of online activities. If you think you are at the stage of developing your online business to turn it into a profitable source, be sure to read Earnings on the Internet, i.e., monetization of dreams.

Online publisher – who is it?

Online publisher is any online entity (person or company) that makes money by recommending products or services offered by advertisers as part of their affiliate programs (partner programs).

Who can become am online affiliate publisher?

Anyone, who works online in any way and wants to earn money, can become a publisher. To become an online publisher, you do not need to act as a company. All you have to do is:

  • run a thematic website
  • write a blog
  • run an account in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest)
  • have a YouTube channel
  • have a rebate or cashback service
  • have a product finder or price comparison engine
  • have a legal mailing database
  • be active in the SEO industry
  • communicate with recipients or friends via e-mail and online messaging

Online publisher - how to earn more with affiliation

Anyone who wants to recommend selected products to their target group and earn money on these recommendations thanks to affiliate tools can become a publisher. But every online publisher needs to realize that earning in affiliation is more than putting links and ads in your space on the web.

Online publisher – free registration and unlimited access to all affiliate tools

There is no cost to become an online publisher. Registration as a publisher in the affiliate network is free (was and will be). An access to all promotional tools and the full functionality of the affiliate platform is too.

Why does the publisher not have to pay any costs to be able to start earning immediately? Because the most important thing for advertisers and the affiliate network is to cooperate with publishers in the long term. Only then the cooperation can develop systematically, even if it does not bring tangible benefits to anyone at the beginning. Charging publishers with the cost of using affiliate tools would prevent most of them from starting cooperation at all or ending it before revenues exceeded costs. Thanks to free access to the full possibilities offered by cooperation with advertisers on the affiliate platform, affiliate publishers can easily test which affiliate tools are the most optimal for them. They decide which they like best, which platforms or online media convert best. Above all – they choose which advertiser they cooperate with online, brings them the highest earnings.

What tools can an online publisher use in their work?

We have a few basic tools that publishers can use. Those are: affiliate links, product widgets, banners and xml files. But very importantly, these 4 tools offer countless possibilities as to how to use them. Most importantly, promoting products with these tools can be discreet, unobtrusive and thus much more effective.

To be successful and earn more money as an online publisher, you need to be creative in the way you promote your products. Today, promotion is not limited to placing a banner on the website. Although banners are still an effective way to support promotional campaigns. Today, users are much more demanding, because the amount of stimuli they have to face every day makes them stop responding to typical sales tricks. That is why you should skillfully incorporate post-promotional content into your communication channel, so that users do not perceive it as aggressive advertising. Instead, they take it as good advice from an expert on a given topic.

Affiliate link – the basic tool of an online publisher

Affiliate link is the simplest affiliate tool. It is a unique URL to any advertiser’s website, which – when processed in the affiliate system – becomes an affiliate link, where the publisher’s unique ID is encrypted.

Thanks to affiliate links to the publisher’s account, we count:

  • each click on this link and moving onto the advertiser’s website
  • actions/ sales that come into effect after clicking on this link
  • commissions on these shares/ sales

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money on the Internet. Creating a link takes only a few seconds, and after placing it on the website, it never expires or becomes outdated. Thanks to this, you can earn money on one link for months and years to come.

Affiliate links can be freely used on blogs, websites and thematic services, YouTube and other social, discount, cashback and product search websites. You can learn about the possibilities of using affiliate links along with examples from the articles Affiliate link generator – the easiest tool to earn online and Affiliate link, what is it and how to make money on it?

Online publisher – the art of choosing partner programs

It often happens that a virtual publisher would like to have it all and recommend as many products as possible on their sites. However, this is not the best idea! The key to success is choosing the right affiliate program, i.e., those that are consistent with the topic of the page or profile. If you are an online publisher posting about health, choose supplements, healthy eating or physical activity programs. Readers often ask where they can buy the products mentioned on the website or on the blog. Instead of answering to each one separately in the comments, place affiliate links to the products presented. Thanks to this you will receive a commission for the referral and readers will immediately know where they can buy the products, they are interested in.

It is worth remembering not to turn your blog or website into one big advertisement. In this way, you will only discourage users from getting to you and they will not trust you enough to take advantage of the products you promote. Before placing links redirecting to products, consider whether they contextually match the subject of the post. Do not add them if there is no such necessity. Make sure you recommend proven products from the best stores. As an online publisher, you must remember how easy it is to lose credibility in the eyes of your readers by offering them something just to make money.

Online publisher – take care of your development and keep stay focused

If you want to earn money as an online publisher, gain knowledge in the field of efficiency marketing, sales or positioning. Familiarize yourself with the offer of stores you are going to promote. The more you know about the products on offer, the more you will sell. Remember that affiliation offers a lot of possibilities! You can place affiliate links not only on your blog or website, but also in your social media, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. If you want to learn more about the possibilities of affiliate marketing and expand your knowledge with lots of useful information, be sure to check out our #affiltips blog series!

An online publisher should remember that the development of the website, gaining new visitors and re-attracting readers is the basis for attracting potential advertisers and negotiating better terms of cooperation (higher commission on sales). The website should be visually attractive and must provide the content that the recipients of the topic expect. The knowledge that you can boast about when recommending selected products is certainly an added value that will make Internet users look for it often.

The use of content marketing will certainly be useful here. The more interesting, inspiring content, attractive graphics, attention-grabbing information, the better for the development of your website. A beginner’s mistake is the lack of upgrades and growth, while expecting good sales results.

Here are some practical tips every online publisher should take to heart:

  • Publish regularly, this is an absolute basis. If you provide your users with valuable content with a constant frequency, you will surely gain their trust.
  • Follow the trends, the internet is changing all the time, so it is worth following news, trends and the most popular topics to always be up to date. Users will not benefit from outdated information.
  • Always put users first. First of all, you create your content for someone, so you need to put them in the center of attention. Own ambitions or willingness to earn a living should come second.
  • Recommend, do not advertise. An online publisher must know that when acting as an affiliate, they should recommend products that they have checked and tested themselves. Affiliation is not a direct purchase advertisement!

Optimize, i.e., improve your online activities as a whole

If something does not work – change it or quit. Find out, which campaigns bring you the most profits and try to get more involved in their promotion. Regularly check the correctness of affiliate links. Take care of updating ads. Go beyond your website with the promotion to maximize profits. Use search engine marketing, act on social networks, forums or mailing lists. If you want to earn money as an online publisher, you need to be active and take care of the continuous development of your website.

It is also extremely important to refresh the design and functionality of the website from time to time. Let’s face it, even the best content will not gain recognition if you present it in an unattractive graphically form. If you do not feel competent enough to change the look of the website, use online guides or contact a specialist. It will surely be an investment that will pay off very quickly. As an online publisher, you must take care of every detail so that users visit your blog, website or social profile even more willingly.

You are not alone – you can count on Affiliate Manager

If you are just starting to work with affiliate networks or want to expand your opportunities as a publisher, please contact the Affiliate Manager of the network. They are specialized employees who will be happy to share with you the necessary knowledge about affiliation. They will dispel any ambiguities and help you solve technical problems. Affiliate Manager will choose the right affiliate programs, advise you how to use the best potential of your website to earn more on affiliation. Therefore, it is very important to maintain constant contact with them.

A good relationship with the Affiliate Manager will definitely have a positive impact on your business in the affiliate network.

Act and wait for the results, they will come for sure!

Every virtual publisher must remember that affiliate cooperation will not immediately bring huge profits. Do not be discouraged if you still do not immediately see the benefits of your activities. Performance marketing is long-term campaigns. Therefore, the effects come over time and depend on the commitment of each party: publishers, advertisers and employees of the affiliate network. If you want to earn more on affiliation, look for the reason for low earnings – test various tools, update the website and use the substantive support of network employees. Good luck!


Online publisher - how to earn more with affiliation