Advertising banners – how to use them wisely

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

Every day we visit various websites on the internet and see hundreds of banners that encourage us to click. But are they convincing enough?


What is a banner?

A banner is a graphic creation that bloggers or site owners place on their platforms to promote selected offers or services. Each banner is assigned a link directing to the appropriate subpage on the advertiser’s website so that the interested party can reach the offer directly.

Banners are an inseparable element of advertising campaigns, both in digital and outdoor. When we commute through the city, we do not even notice them and neither we do online. Banners are so common that we stop paying attention to them. In fact, when we visit pages overloaded with such creations, their number rather discourages the click.

For this reason, in the affiliate network we focus mainly on discreet contextual advertising, not relying on banners in the image campaigns. Our common goal is to increase the sales in online stores. Contextual promotion translates into a greater conversion of sales, which is why banners play a smaller role – they complement the promotion, but are not a main tool.

In a network like ours, dedicated to e-commerce, advertisers do not have to provide their publishers with the banners, because the main tools used by publishers are: xml files, affiliate links and widgets. So if you have joined a given affiliate program, but cannot find any banners within it, it means that the store simply did not share them. But they can do so anytime. If you care about banners from a specific advertiser, write to us. We will forward an application to the advertiser, so they can add appropriate banners to the system.

How to use banners?

It is a very good question! As we mentioned earlier, users do not like being flooded with a huge amount of advertising content. There are some websites that burst at the seams from the excess banner creations, often arranged without any order or composition. This has a negative impact on the visual aesthetics of the website.

Therefore, two rules should be applied in the use of banners: moderation and aesthetics. These are not promotional tools that we can easily disguise (such as affiliate links), and the use of more direct advertising forms is much more difficult. Thus, it is very important to remember about these two principles – do not overdo it with the number of banners on the website and choose them in a way that will make the page look aesthetic.


Advertising banners are still a popular affiliate tool. It is very easy to find them in the publisher’s panel, although not all affiliate programs provide the banners. When using the tool, make sure that they do not constitute a big share of the page and are not too intrusive. After all, we do not want to discourage you from clicking.