How to develop and improve cooperation with publishers – 10 simple steps

Data aktualizacji: 29.03.2022

Building and maintaining positive relations with publishers is the key to the success of the partnership program. Therefore, it is worth knowing a few simple rules that you should follow to achieve the best sales results!

Why is it worth it to take care of good contact with publishers?

The most important part of the partner program are the publishers. They promote your products on their websites and it depends on them how much time they will devote to it. It is therefore important to create the right conditions for them, which will encourage the intensification of activities. Attractive commission is not everything! Publishers pay attention to many other factors, such as: transaction bounce rate, time of their verification or regular payment of commissions. If you follow this, for sure, you will attract them to your program. Affiliation is based on mutual cooperation and trust, it is a basic principle that you can never forget!

Expand the publishers network!

It’s worth getting started with some information about building a publisher network. Thanks to the Affiliate Marketplace tool in your advertiser panel, you can add additional partners to your program without any problem. The system will automatically suggest you a list of people who are associated with your product category. You can also check which websites they want to use to promote the store. Publishers know perfectly well that it’s easier to establish cooperation with advertisers if they immediately provide this information when registering. If you care about cooperation with a specific publisher, for example a blogger, you can always ask an affiliate network about it, and we will definitely contact them. The advantage of such cooperation is mutual, both you and the network can gain a new, valuable partner!

Now, we’ll show you these 10 steps that will help you build and maintain good relationships with publishers:

Step # 1: timely verification of publishers

It’s worth starting with the simplest things! Remember that publishers want to start working with you as soon as possible, so timely verification is very important. If you have not set up an automatic acceptance, you have 3 days from when the application comes in to decide whether a given publisher will become a partner of your program. It is extremely important to stick to this term. The sooner you accept the publisher for the program, the sooner they will start working. A long wait for a program may discourage them or cause them to actively operate in a competitive program. Of course, you do not have to accept all applications! Do not forget, however, to give a specific reason for rejection. This is very important information for every publisher. Perhaps, under the influence of your opinion, they will make appropriate changes. In time they will turn out to be a valuable publisher.

Step # 2: regularity in the validation of transactions and commission payments

This step should be obvious to all advertisers. Publishers are more likely to undertake a wider cooperation with stores that pay the commission in a timely manner and do not delay when verifying pending orders. The faster the validation of transactions generated by publishers, the better. It motivates them to act. But at the same time, withdrawal of already accepted commissions is very badly received, because it turns out that, for example, the customer returned the goods. Fast validation is a great asset, publishers appreciate it very much, but when it’s too early and not well-thought-out, it can harm mutual relations.

Step # 3: rejecting transactions, do not discourage publishers

Something that seems unfeasible at first glance is really important. Publishers realize that not all orders placed with their recommendation must be completed correctly. It is important, however, that when rejecting transactions, you always give the exact reason, so that the publisher does not feel cheated. While the most common reasons for bounces are quite clear, such as: the customer canceled the order or the order was not paid, the another source may not be so obvious.

Last click wins – this is a principle commonly used in settlements with publishers in the affiliate program. It means that the commission is received by the publisher whose click was the closest to the transaction. Therefore, another source may be the reason for the rejection of commissions for a given publisher, provided that the commission has been assigned to another publisher in the same or another affiliate network. The reason for the rejection should clearly state that the commission was granted to another publisher.

By the way, we remind other sources that are not a reason to reject transactions related to the cookie policy:

    • Referal: the transition from an external website.
    • Organic / SEO: entry from the search engine.
    • Direct: direct access to the website.
    • Social media: switching to the website from the social media platform (e.g. Facebook). 

In each of the aforementioned cases, you had to first click on the affiliate link, since the transaction was counted on the publisher’s account. Therefore, it can not be rejected.

Step # 4: Share your discount codes and promotional materials

It is very important to give publishers the reason to engage in your affiliate program as often as possible. Do not forget about sharing discount codes, which can be used not only by popular rebate websites, but also bloggers, influencers and social media users. Customers love to use various types of discounts and rebates, which is why information about them is extremely valuable to consumers. Therefore, try to prepare codes from various occasions, e.g. Valentine’s or Santa, as well as, at completely neutral times, to encourage publishers to boost your store’s promotion. Advertising banners are another option, which they also use willingly if they match the appearance of their websites. Therefore remember to make them aesthetic and elegant, after all they are to encourage the publishers to use them!

Step # 5: Provide exclusive codes to the best publishers

Still remaining in the subject of rebates, it is impossible not to mention exclusive codes, i.e. special discounts granted to specific publishers. If you notice that any of the publishers have a significant impact on your store, try to reward their work with such a code, and they will certainly appreciate it! At the same time, exclusive codes can be a very effective “lure” for publishers who are not very active in the promotion of your program, and you would like to involve them more. Sending them a special discount will definitely help to establish good relations with them and will be a good prognosis in future activities. Often, the publishers themselves go out to the web asking for an exclusive code from the advertiser. If you receive such a signal from us, share the exclusive code and see how it works!

Step # 6: launch premium programs

However, the greatest distinction for the publisher is not exclusive codes, but the offer of better remuneration conditions. Publisher, who will get the opportunity to earn more on their affiliate activities, will definitely be more involved in the promotion of your store. You can offer a higher commission to selected publishers through the premium program. The amount of commission in the premium program depends on you, but the higher it is, the more the publisher will be encouraged. It does not require any additional technical action from you, you do not have to re-integrate the website or provide new banners or an xml file. All you need to do is contact your affiliate program supervisor and give them premium terms for the publishers indicated.

Step # 7: analyze statistics

In the advertiser’s panel, you have access to a range of statistics that are worth analyzing to learn about data about how the program works. In addition to statistics, CPS transactions, very important statistics is the conversion of publishers. This is a very useful combination to tell which publishers are the most active, who generate the most clicks and transactions. On the basis of this data, you can, among other things, decide on granting an exclusive code or launching a premium program for a given publisher. You will also check if there are any irregularities, e.g. the publisher generates huge traffic, but the conversion is disturbingly low. Remember to report any concerns as soon as possible to the affiliate network so that we can react accordingly.

Step # 8: Remember about the affiliate network

Collaboration between publishers and advertisers takes place on our affiliate platform and under the control of acount and affiliate managers. Therefore, remember to stay in constant contact with the affiliate network in order to systematically develop your affiliate program. Through the tools and functions available in the advertiser’s panel, you have the option of sending rebate codes, advertising banners and encouraging publishers to the program. Any non-standard information or concerns can be reported through the helpdesk, by email or phone to the affiliate network team. Choose the form of contact that suits you best, but remember that constant contact is the key to getting more and more benefits from your program.

In consultation with your partner program supervisor, you can run a premium program or get publishers who are not yet publishers in the affiliate network. The task of the affiliate network is to maintain a positive, partner relationship between both entities, as well as to resolve possible misunderstandings. We will also help you solve any other problems related to the functioning of your program. Let’s be in touch! 🙂

Step # 9: help publishers in their activities

Publishers often apply to us for additional materials from advertisers. It can be a custom size banner, exclusive code or explanation of the rejected transaction. In such situations, your response and quick reaction are of the utmost importance. If you provide them with materials or help in solving other problems, this will the basis for building good relationships.

Step # 10: work on mutual benefits

As we mentioned earlier, the success in affiliation does not depend only on one of the parties. It is also the result of good and effective cooperation of publishers, advertisers and affiliate network. For the program to develop, every factor is important. Remember that working together can give us satisfying results. Publishers promote many different programs, so try to make sure that they pay close attention to yours, provide discount codes, banners, information about promotions and, above all, be helpful in solving their problems.